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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 2.

jueves 9 de noviembre, 1961

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  • Joysmith Exhibit Opens Tonight At Antonio Sousa Galleries
  • MCCers Uncover Important Site
  • Poets' Club To Perform

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  • Many mounds -- Lambityeco, which means "many mounds" in the Zapotec language, is the site of recent archaeological excavations by Mexico City College anthropology students.
  • No time to spare -- Toby Joysmith, MCC assistant professor of applied arts, believes that once you've taken to painting, there is no spare time for other time-consuming activities.
  • Archaeologists at work -- MCCers Peggie Baird Henrickson (left), John Carr (foreground), Edmund Traverso (background), and Charles Wicke (right), excavate a pyramid at Lambityeco, near Tlacolula, in the state of Oaxaca, during the recent MCC archaeology dig.

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  • MCC Digs Perform Numerous Services
  • Welch And Birch Society Called 'Political Misfits'
  • Students Explain Choice Of College

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  • Chet Taylor
  • Judy Stera
  • Tim Hindman

Página 3

  • Student Acts In 'La Tía De Carlos'
  • Gnews Of Gnus: 'I Knew A Gnu'
  • Government Agency Designates Spanish As Needed Language
  • New Committees On Student Life And Library Formed By Council

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  • New officers -- Officers recently elected by the Delta Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi fraternity are (left to right) Juan López, social chairman; Miguel Bermúdez, vice-president; Phil Grace, chancellor; John Sevier, president; and Kenneth Grey, secretary.
  • Singing downtown -- Attractive Linda Jeffcott, an old-timer to the MCC campus, is now performing as singer in the chorus at the Teatro Iris in Mexico City.
  • Views on gnus -- Kathleen Winnett, star gnus writer of the Collegian, records the views on world affairs of some of the non-committed species of the world.

Página 4

  • Bowlers Still Going Strong In Pin Action
  • Skier Misses Snow In Sunny Mexico
  • Paddlers Vie For Honors

Pies de Foto

  • The first lady -- Mrs. López Mateos, center foreground, wife of the Mexican President, pauses for a moment to chat with local residents of Mitla, Oaxaca, during her recent visit to the MCC-owned Frissell Museum.
  • Three love -- Dave Peterson (right) smashes a hard shot past Jacques Goveytes (left) during the MCC ping pong tournament now in progress.
  • Shows form -- Jack Gilbert, Collegian sports editor, displays his racing form in one of the many ski competitions he entered last winter throughout the northwestern United States.


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