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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 29 de octubre, 1959

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  • Fraternitas Award Goes To Ambassador, Wright
  • Scroll Rrecipients Promote Goodwill
  • Prominent Americans Honored At Ceremony
  • Archeology Museum Now MCC Property
  • Gordon Sweet Visits College In November
  • Dean's List Features Six Time Participant

Pies de Foto

  • Ambassador Robert C. Hill (left) and Mr. S. Bolling Wright, elder statesman of Mexico City's American colony, were honored today at the Fraternitas Award Ceremony, celebrating MCC's twentieth anniversary.
  • Decade's best art produced at MCC is viewed by faculty members (left to right) Dave Ramsey, Dr. John Golding, Toby Joysmith and Merle Wachter (See story on page 3).

Página 2

  • Collegian Welcomes MCC First-Timers
  • Colorful Festivities Mark ' Day Of Dead'
  • Award To Honor Two Men's Work, Understanding
  • Is Modern Day Scholarship Stagnant?

Pies de Foto

  • Shown swingin' in "The Day of the Dead" is a real gone group of Mariachis. This exhibit is just a miniature of the real thing and appears in a niche at the Museum of Popular Arts on Avenida Juárez, which has an excellent display on the Day of the Dead.
  • Dr. Murray
  • González

Página 3

  • New Poetry Group Schedules Reading
  • Decade Of Artists Shown At Centro
  • California To Accredit MCC
  • Ex-Social Worker Given Scholarship

Pies de foto

  • Members of "The Poet's Voice" discuss plans for an informal reading of original works by students to be held in the Writing Center tomorrow at 1 p. m. From left to right are Kathleen Newsome, Jack Natkin, Bob Schwendinger, John Getman, Bill Hopkins, Larry Solomon, John Elder, and Barry Levin.
  • Wedding bells took another MCC faculty member away from the campus. An ex-history instructor, the former Miss Elena Ogarrío was married to Ismael Reyes Retana of Mexico City on July 19.

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  • Newcomers Launch MCC Careers

Pies de Foto

  • Blue skies and warm sand provide a pleasant backdrop for a run down Caleta Beach by four MCCers. Romping on the beach (left to right) Carolyn Lieb, Charles Seldomridge, Dorothy Nesbit and Tom Hizel.
  • Enjoying a variety of bocadillos, students from Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, gather at the University Club reception for new students. Left to right are: Kathy Shakotko, Joan Barbeau, Anne Webster, John Cooke, Cyndi Jones and Diane Clark.
  • Getting to know each other is an important feature of the freshman luncheon given by the college as part of its orientation program. The event has become a quarterly activity in welcoming incoming students.
  • Soaking up some of Acapulco's famed tropical sunshine at the Motel Acapulco's poolside are some of the MCCers who took advantage of the recent college sponsored trip to the Pacific resort. The group include (front) Nancy Manowski, Enumclaw, Washington; Kathy Lehfeldt, Ryegate, Montana; (back) Larie Dorothy Makinson, Des Plaines, Illinois; Dave Kinsley, Stow, Massachussetts; Anne Webster, Lafayette, Indiana; Harvey Brode, Detroit, Michigan and Kenneth Grey, Los Angeles, California.
  • Registration brings problems, white cards, and more problems to three of the fall student body as they gather around a desk in the Admission's Office to check their schedules with Gay Conrad (seated). Shown (left to right) are Jack Heazlitt, New Albany, Indiana; Ida Lanese, Cleveland, Ohio; and Gary White, San Francisco, California. Miss Conrad, of Houston, Texas, is attending MCC on a scholarship.
  • Taking the first step in her college career, Aileen Ingle (right) works out her schedule with Mrs. Elizabeth López (left), Dean of Admissions. Miss Ingle, from Tucson, Arizona, is a Fine Arts major and plans on obtaining her degree from the college.
  • Dr. Elmendorf, vice-president and dean of faculty, greets a group of new students in front of his office. Pictured (left to right) are Dr. Elmendorf; Marcela Grace, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Carol Force, Lafayette, California; Paul Glickman, New York; (front) Richard Cohen, Indianapolis, Indiana; and Tom Ewing, Denver, Colorado (back).
  • A long weekend and a college sponsored tour provide a chance to relax and have fun in Acapulco for a group of MCCers. Shown on bus enroute to the tropical resort are (clockwise) Tom Hizel, Charles Seldomridge, Sidney Thurman, Dave Kinsley, Harvey Brode, John Cook and Enrique Negrete.

Página 7

  • Famous Lyric Writer Lauds Mexican Songs
  • Hope College Co-Ed Travels To Learn
  • Former Photography Teacher Rejoins Staff

Pies de Foto

  • King of lyrics, songwriter Eddie Heyman now makes Mexico his home. He studies Spanish at MCC and eventually will write verses for the melodies south of the border.
  • Donald Sanborn
  • Barbara Emmick

Página 8

  • Once B'way Actor, Now Anthro Major
  • One-time Officer Starts New Career
  • Wayne Lewis, Russell Woody Have First Exhibit At City Galleries
  • Board Member Leaves Ford Post

Pies de Foto

  • After ten years of professional acting, William Swezey has abandoned the boards in order to study anthropoñpgy at MCC. "Suddenly the world of theater," he says, "seemed unreal."
  • Brancusi enthusiast, Wayne Lewis (left) and semi-abstract expressionist, Russell Woody, are each slated to have one-man shows in Mexico City during November and December. Both artists are studying at the MCC Art Center.
  • Mexico City College nurse, Carmen Pous, is at present attending the Latin-American Nurses' Conference in Buenos Aires. Delegates will discuss problems and techniques in nursing. After the conference Miss Pous will spend two weeks touring through Brazil, Venezuela and Costa Rica.
  • Irv Pilch

Página 9

  • Mexico Abounds In Sports Facilities
  • Cagers' Rally Snags Second In Tourney
  • Swan Diving Parachutist Says Sky Leap No Tougher Than "Stepping Out Of A Car"
  • New Season Finds Old Bowlers Knotted At Top

Pies de Foto

  • A student tries his hand at jai-alai. Mexico City College students are members of several privated clubs where swimming, tennis, and other outdoor and indoor sports help keep them in trim. Jai-alai, a game originated in the Basque area of Spain, has found a following on campus.
  • MCC center Don McMillan (N°35) leaps high into the air for the tip against the YMCA Tigers' Sánchez González during action in the recent YMCA Invitational Tournament. The Aztecas played brilliant ball in edging the highly touted Tigers by a score of 39-36. The victory was their fourth in a row in the round robin tourney and gave them a hard-fought second place. Seen moving in to cover the tip are Azteca forward Joe Leavitt (N°7) and guard Dick Torres (N°10).
  • Gerónimo... cries Billy Grey Douglas as he jumps from a plane and prepares to execute a series of hazardous turns during the descent to earth. Sky diving, a sport which originated in France, has captured the imagination of Billy who jumps as often as possible. Although the sport is extremely dangerous, Douglas finds it much to his liking.
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