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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 2.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de noviembre, 1959

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  • First Poet's Voice Readings Will Feature Flies And Ants
  • Development Plans Moving As Scheduled
  • Couple's Art Work Exhibited Locally
  • Seniors Given Annual Guide To Industries
  • Dean Stafford Honored By Local Group

Pies de Foto

  • Rehearsing for tomorrow's production of "The Ants", a dramatic reading to be given in the theater by members of the Poet's Voice are (right foreground) Carol Plazen, (seated left to right) Jack Natkin, Gordo Elder, Bill Hopkins, Kathy Champol, and Alice Ramírez. Standing are Bob Schwendinger, John Getmann, Charles Miller, Colleen Miller, and Taylor Cunningham. The reading will be given again on next Tuesday. Both performances begin at 1 p. m.
  • Jesse and Pete Smith
  • Ambassador Robert C. Hill and Mr. S. Bolling Wright are shown receiving the Fraternitas Awards during the impressive ceremony held on the MCC terrace. Ambassador Hill later gave an acceptance speech, the main points of which appear on page 3. Shown from left to right are: Ambassador Hill; Mr. William B. Richardson, president of the Board of Trustees; Dr. H. L. Cain, president emeritus of MCC; and Mr. S. Bolling Wright.

Página 2

  • Beards Accepted But No Sloppiness
  • Adair Starts Dance Club
  • No Good Reason For TV Frauds
  • Two New Editions Of Boletín Issued

Pies de Foto

  • Monte Albán
  • Dr. Murray
  • Gilmore
  • A group of admiring students watch Dick Adair instruct his young partner Linda Tempest. Linda is one of the MCCers presently participating in the new dance group organized by Adair.

Página 3

  • Collegian Retains All-American Rating
  • Ambassador Hill Praises College
  • Creative Workshop In Oaxaca

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  • Vivaldi Orchestra
  • Newly elected officers of the Student Council for the fall quarter enjoy the sun and chat about future business. Left to right are Dick Torres, vice-president; Jim Wolf, corresponding secretary; Alice Lins, recording secretary; Andy Esquivel, treasurer; and Tom Gibson, president.
  • Champion editor Jim Woodard, right, goes over lay-out problems with Paul Moomaw, formerly managing editor and at present editor of the college newspaper. Under Woodard's editorship the Collegian attained its eleventh consecutive "All American" rating.
  • Mrs. Gene Gerzso

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  • It's A Caballito.... But Not A Horse

Pies de Foto

  • It's hard to tell which is more enchanted with his new friend. Héctor Montoya Montero, employed as an archeologist by the government of his native Puerto Rico, came to Mexico for an introduction to the problems of Mexican archeology, and participated as a student in the summer 1958 training with the MCC group which did the first digging at the site. He believes that his Mexican experience will leave him better prepared for the increasingly complex problems of Puerto Rican archeology. The Caballito Blanco is painted on a cliff at the side of a long low mesa, in the soft rock of which time has croded many caves and in these caves several herds of goats are kept.
  • Will I ever get it clean? Ruth Davis straightens up to ease her weary back after a long session bent over a dusty burial during the 1958 work at the Caballito Blanco (Glamorous archeology also involves its devotees in endless assignments of dishwashing).
  • Dr. Milton Barnett, University of Wisconsin anthropologist, is workin in Mexico for the Rockefeller Foundation, checking on the effectiveness of its projects in this country. A large number of English-speaking residents of Oaxaca joined the MCC student group in the library of MCC's Oaxaca center to hear Dr. Barnett describe his work and discuss the increasingly important field of applied anthropology. Such talks are a frequent feature at the Centro de Estudios Regionales.
  • The workman at left is cementing the stones of the inner, older stairway in place; Norma McCallan holds a tape and Susan Fenollosa takes measurements of the stones forming the outer, later stairway; Dick Swenfurth, in the background, puzzles over the meaning of a newly exposed wall.
  • Standing in the space between the two stairways at the front of the pyramid shown in the drawings, Charles Golodner and Norma McCallan hold the tape while Susan Fenollosa calls out measurements and John Paddock makes notes. The worn, rounded stones of the outer stairway show evidence of long exposure after abandonment of the site. The sharp corners of the stones making up the inner stairway were better preserved because the outer building covered there completely.

Página 6

  • McGill U Graduate Lives Eskimo Life
  • Flamenco Guitarist Studies In Mexico
  • Professor Favors Land Reform

Pies de Foto

  • Eenooleyee, Eskimo for "the one who works with people", is known to her fellow MCC students in the Writing Center as Phyllis Harrison. Formerly she was a welfare officer in Canada's barren East Artic which is made up od isolated Eskimo settlements.
  • Economic advisor to several Latin American governments, Dr. Edmundo Flores plans on producing a book-length treatise on his specialty, agricultural economics. Dr. Flores has worked with U.N. as a land reform expert.
  • "Traditional latin tunes, which have outworn their once sensational popularity in their native lands, are catching on like wild fire among younger Americans," says Ron Haffkine, MCC senior, accomplished guitarist who specializes in flamenco.

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  • Yankee Lady Now Teaching In Africa
  • Artist Sees End Of Extreme Abstraction
  • Brains, Initiative Necessary For Education, Says Doctor

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  • Cornelia Lee Bucknall
  • Admiring a piece of modern sculpture in the Art Center is Claude Jeanneau, Mexico City College's most attractive Parisienne. Claude thinks that it is about time that the present trend toward complete abstraction in art forms be changed and that artists begin to think and see for themselves.
  • "Brains and initiative are all that are needed to obtain an education," claims Dr. I. Hamilton Perkins. The orthopedist is studying Spanish at MCC to prepare himself for courses in plastic surgery at the National University.

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  • Connecticut Swede Is Queen Of Court
  • Fast Start For Vet Bowlers Ends In Tie
  • MCC Cagers Approach Rough Practice Games
  • Aztecas Vanquish Foes 4-2, Win League Opener
  • Ping Pong Crown Placed On Block

Pies de Foto

  • Three students gather around to admire Joe Leavitt, MCC's star-forward and former captain of the basketball team. Joe deserves the admiration because he and his gang copped second place in the summer invitational basketball meet sponsored by YMCA. Joe displays the placing trophy. With him are Bill Primavera (left) and Gene Bardell (right). Diane Jones is the pretty one.
  • Eva Lowgren backhands to victory in a Swedish approach to a Mexican racquet. Eva is the find of MCC's Coach Lindley who considers her the most accomplished and versatile woman athlete to be seen at the college in a long time.
  • Glenn Beaudry


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