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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 12, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 13 de agosto, 1959

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Página 1

  • President Murray To Adress August Graduates
  • 15 Plan To Receive Master's
  • New Group To Give Readings Of MCC Poets
  • Brakeley Co.Agent Revisits Campus
  • Seniors Represent Various Countries
  • Murray Gives Bond To College
  • Archeologists Go To Oaxaca

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Four of the 15 candidates for the Master's degree at the end of this quarter, Phil Zinn, Alice Murray, Jack Perrin and Ruth Corter stroll down the walk from the Spanish (left to right). Phil and Alice are candidates for degrees in Latin American Studies and History. Jack and Ruth are after degrees in international Relations Fine Art, respectively.
  • Foto 2: Almost finished with it all , happy smiles characterize this group of B. A. candidates Shown (standing, left to right) are Bruce Worner, Raul Nieto, Ju lie Werner, James Hamon and Colin Maclachlan, (sitting center) Walter Compton, Michael Cose, John Camisa, (sitting front) Robert Quinn, Byron Hughey, Gerald Luckaw, Jim Bolman, Norman Messier, John R. Macisaac.
  • Foto 3: The thousand peso savings bond recently won by MCC President Paul V. Murray in one of the Mexico City News' subscription raffles is handed over to Alumni Secretary Bill Sherman to be placed in the college's endowment fund.

Página 2

  • Valuable Official, Cecil Gray,Retires
  • Prexy Notes Work Of Education Commission
  • Presenting Mexico
  • Cooperatives Solve Numerous Problems

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: ACAPULCO : To be in Mexico and not to visit Acapulco is to a bit of heaven in a bay scooped out of granite, yachts ride at anchor and sailboats, motorboats for fishing, speedboats for skiing and row boats dot its smooth, lapislazuli waters. There is a beach for every mood. . . Caleta is the perfect spot for quiet swimining and lazy norm.

Página 3

  • Diplomat 'Discusses Aims Of Indonesia
  • Erich Fromm Does Village Research Near Cuernavaca
  • Candidates Mayn Pick Up Invitations In Bursar's Office
  • Writing Students In Oaxaca Meet Family Of Lopez Mateos
  • Prof Ryan Issues Investor's Review
  • Ogarrio, Reyes In July Wedding
  • Campus Group Organizing Chapter Of Scouting Service Fraternity
  • Forkosch Speaks On Common Law

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Members of the Delta Sigma Pi begin their tour of Becton-Dickenson de Mexico, makers of syrines, needles, kind other medical supplies. This was the fraternity's quarterly field trip made to learn more of business in Mexico Pictured (left to right) are Ralph Meyers, Bob Aubey, Francisco Arellano Belloc and Victor Calderón.
  • Foto 2: At Santo Tomas, Faith DePolo, Otis Brake and director Ted Robins, members of the MCC Creative Writing Center's recent summer excursions to the Oaxaca area, observe the weaving of fajas (wide figured belts) which can be seen hanging in front of the stalls. The writing groups visited a number of smaller villages not frequented by tourists.
  • Foto 3: Phil Gillette, right, president of MCC's second fraternity, goes over organization problems with Bill Harrison, president of Delta Sig, the college's first fraternity. On Gillette's sweater is the emblem of Alpha Phi Omega, the new group being started.

Página 4

  • Pressenting MCC Poets
  • Drawings by Robert Manning Layout by Melbourne Lockey
  • Meteor
  • Not Mine, But Yet
  • Mexico

Página 5

  • Jack Tobersmoke
  • Plenitud
  • The Old

Página 6

  • Scholarship Winners Aid In Library World
  • Round-Table Panel B lasts Modern Man's Groupism
  • Young Senator Here To Study Economics

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Standing in front of the 'biblioteca', library scholarship winners discuss their work here summer session. Shown (left to right) are Ernest Erin, Margaret Williams, and Bernard McNary.
  • Foto 2: Carl Minette

Página 7

  • Indiana Author Finds Encouragement Here
  • Archeologists...
  • Nicaraguan Students Give Views On Recent Rebellion In Homeland
  • Cooporatives...
  • Cute, Globetrotting Coed Travels Along

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Harriet Nye confers with Harley Spenser, who sponsored on autograph party for the lndian writer, formerly of student in the Writing Center, after the publication of her first book. Mrs. Nye has sinced published another novel, Uncertain April.
  • Foto 2: All from Nicaragua, Sergio, Gloria and Morta Moli in the MCC campus. Part of a family of ten brothno reoxo and sisters, they ore here for the summer continuing their studies in the States.
  • Foto 3: Terry Goodman

Página 8

  • Tigres Roar Into First, End Nears
  • Geology Major Dave Poppler Throws Discus From Ohio To All Parts Of US
  • Cagers Beat Burbuias 40-39, Hold Second
  • King Krom Wins Ping Pong Crown

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: The Tigres, holding a 626 team overage and a 16 won, 4 lost record are currently the leading team in the intramural bowling league. From left to right are Bob Johnson, Jack Sizer, Chuck Kuckuck, Ted Zimmerman, and Chuck Knutson.
  • Foto 2: Jump ball at the YMCA Invitational Basketball Tournament finds the Azteca squad ready to field the tip. The cagers are riding the crest of a three game winning streak as they continue the march toward the tournament title. Identifiable MCC players (in white jerseys) are left to right Don McMillan, N° 4 Dan Sccha, N° 7 Joe Leavitt, N° 10 Dick Torres, N° 3 Ed Galaviz.
  • Foto 3: Dave Poppler demonstrates the form that he has used in throwing the discuss for the Ohio State track squad Dave, a veritable giant, hopes to compete for the next U.S. Olympic Team.
  • Foto 4: Ed Galaviz
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