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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 7.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 21 de febrero, 1957

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  • Tri-Mixer Dance Set For Tomorrow Night By Hideo Okanishi
  • Five For on Dean's List Fourth Time
  • Sweeney Agonistes' Presents Challenge By Ira Lewis
  • Colonyscope Hands MCC Three Firsts
  • MCC ''Review'' Is Now at Printers
  • First of Four Belain Art Shows Opens in March
  • Eleven file for Masters Degree

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  • WANTED-YOUR PRESENCE at the Tri-Mixer Dance set for tomorrow night at the Riviera
    Club says the poster being displayed by Student Council Prexy Jim Monica, and the four members
    of the dance committee, (left to right) Tony Pasono, Emily Pentecost, Jock Condon, and
    Carmen Correo. Marilú Peace Photo

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  • lndividualism at MCC
  • Too Easy To Teach?
  • Folk Music Stages A Popular Revival By Elsie L. Stebbings

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  • Dale Young Stages Show in Acapulco
  • Reyes Studies for Ph. D. in Florence
  • Frances Brand Plans To Exhibit Twenty Mexican Motif Paintings By Jay Beau-Seigneur
  • Over Three Thousand Art History Slides Available
  • Tharp Plans European Tour
  • At Iowa Univ.
  • Teaches Art
  • News From Gower
  • Former " Collegian" Staff Member Marries
  • Cuevas Lectures on Pan American Day
  • Chicago University Offers Scholarships
  • Receives Doctorate At U. of Gothenburg

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  • REFLECTING "MOTIVOS MEXICANOS" in her dress as well as choosing it for the theme of her coming art exhibit at the International Women's Club, Mrs. Brand has been studying art at MCC for the past two years. Dick Dapont Photo

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  • Art Center Marks First Decade By Genevieve Baker Layout by Merle Wachter

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  • First building occupied by Art Cent r, January '47. Calle San Luis Potosi 154.
  • Commercial edifice in which Art Center moved from second to third to fourth floor-' 47- '49. Coahuilo and lnsurgentes.
  • Tonalá 183. Third structure occupied-' 49-'51 .
  • Present Frencch restaurant "Lorraine" held art classes '50-'51.
  • Jalapa 147-largest building occupied during growth now houses government school -'52-'54.
  • Across the street at Jalapa 148-temporary housing during '52 is now office for sanitary products.
  • The Graduate Office building was first studio space for the Art Center on present compus-' 54-'55.
  • Interior of new Studio I on roof of theater
  • Cutting and fitting of zinc plates for graphics class.
  • View of sculpture terrace with translucent plastic roof.
  • Student cutting with oxyacetylene torch in metal sculpture.
  • Wachter, director of Art Center, snapped while projecting one of the weekly film programs, which consist primarily of films on painting, sculpture, architecture and the minor arts.
  • Interior of new number 2 painting salon which has glass along entire north wall.
  • Inking and printing of zinc plate in etching class. Sra. Lola Cueto is demonstrating the protess.
  • The Art Center maintains a photo-copying lab for reproduction of both black and white and color visual aids
  • Ground mural executed in natural stone mosaic
  • Basic design class room. Dave Ramsey instructing
  • Student at work with enlarger in photo lab.

Página 6

  • Art Center Marks First Decade By Genevieve Baker
  • Alan Minge Spins Tales of Life Here
  • MCC Winter Quarter Student Ponders Past By Sandra Johnston
  • Novillero Gets Aficionado Comments By Jack Condon Sketches by Luella Ramsey
  • Metz Writing for California Paper

Pies de foto

  • ALAN MINGE EXAMINES ONE OF HIS BLUE RIBBON collector's items, a bulto, Saint Anthony, probably dating from 1750, or earlier. The statue is made of rawhide and wood with a gesso and stained finish. The tin mirror behind him also captured a blue ribbon and represents extremely fine tin craftsmanship popular in New Mexico during the nineteenth century.
  • Henry Berger

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  • Belgian Refugee Studying at MCC By Bruce Glass
  • Econ Prof Rodríguez Is Government Advisor By Jack Condon
  • Lewis Tells of Learning to Fly in Munich By Bob Stout

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  • THE END OF A WEARY DAY at MCC comes in the early morning hours for Señor Rodriguez as he heads for his office down town. The economics teacher is also the advisor to the head of the Ministro de Marina. Dick Dapont Photo
  • PAUSING FOR A MOMENT OF RELAXATION, Nicole Tiltges reads a book on Mexico. The country reminds her of Europe's open markets, chestnut vendors, and wide boulevards Dick Dapont Photo
  • LEWIS AND EDERA in a Dopplerabb glider.

Página 8

  • Brooklynite Boxes To Keep in Shape
  • Chicagoans Win Again
  • In This Corner... By Pierce Travis
  • Net five Loses Practice Game
  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica

Pies de foto

  • COLLEGIAN John Farnan enters the Mexican Open February 28. Farnan is a veteran of two Mexican Opens and is expected to give the "old pros" much to worry about.
  • Ben Travis
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