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Vol. 10, No 6.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 7 de febrero, 1957

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  • Anthro Excavations Uncover Yagul Tomb By Francis Brand
  • Student Council Holds Open House Today By Jack Condon
  • Actors Emote During Studio Stages Tryouts By Ira Lewis
  • College Offers New Scholarship
  • Guadalupe Pilgrimage Planned by MCCers
  • Cleveland Executive To Lecture Tuesday

Pies de foto

  • MIXTEC SAHUMADOR, a type of incense burner, graphite on orange (third from left) was recently excavated by MCC anthropologists at Yagul. The vessel is shown with other examples of the same type of Mixtec pottery uncovered by MCC anthropologists at previous Yagul diggings. All of these ancient pieces are now on display a t the museum at Oaxaca. John Paddock Photo.
  • RECONSTRUCTION OF THE PALACE wall at Yagul, Oaxaca, is being done under the direction of Dr. Ignacio Bernal, head of the MCC anthropology department and director of Monumentos Prehispánicos. This building, which is the largest at the Yagul site, is exactly the same size as the famous Hall of Columns at Mitla.
  • MARIACHIS, FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS are the inducements offered today at the Student Center. The Open House festivities beckoning students to "the escape in the barranca" were planned by committee members (left to right) Ed Flores, chairman; Jack Condon; Bob Almanza; and Nobuko Kimura. Jim Monica Photo

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  • The Name Means Everything
  • Henry James' By Bob Stott
  • What They Will Miss The Most By Jack Condon
  • Letters Vividly Reveal Career

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  • Smiling Rob

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  • Grad School Achieves Remarkable Record
  • Literary Publication To Be Printed Soon By Hideo Okanishi
  • Anthro Excavations
  • Flying Club Now Active
  • Dunston Tucker Teaches Spanish
  • James R Stamm Works on Thesis
  • Reyes in Evanston
  • Parking Lots May Be Built
  • Student Killed In Tragic Collision
  • Flightner flying PAA
  • Col. Smith Leaves Mexico for Texas

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  • ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR developments of the campus beautification program being directed. by Merle Wachter, art center head, is this ground mural outside the engineering building. The figures, Wachter. says, symbolize Pre-Columbian Mexico. Students shown with the mural are Drane Bassett Lansing Michigan; Gary Boice, Bandon, Oregon; and Mary Halderman, Grossepaint, Michigan. Marilu Pease Photo
  • PULLING UP IN FRONT of the pyramid to the sun god, the Mexican folklore class, under the instruction of Dan Brockington, takes a field trip to Teatihuacan. The class of thirtyeight students also visited the citadel and the houses of the priests. Francia Brand Photo

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  • From the MCC Family

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  • PLAYING with her ring, and wearing a blue dress, Señora Concepcion Angulo at the age of two looks duectly at the cameraman.
  • IN A TYPICAL Buster Brown suit, Merle Wachter, ago fourleft, and his younger brother smile for the photographer. Wachter is the director of the art center.
  • WITH PINK HAIR RIBBONS and an anchor on her hat, Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, dean of graduate studies and professor of Hispanic lenguages and literatures, is shown here at the age of four. Also pictured are her mother and her dog, Seal.
  • ENRIQUE ANZURES R. was about five years old at the time this picture was taken. Enrique Anzures Rodriguez is the assistant professor of Hispanic languages and literatures, and business low.
  • ELIZABETH THOMAS DE LOPEZ was only four months old when this picture was taken in her hometown, St. Louis Missouri. Mrs. Lopez is dean of admisions and registrar.
  • IN A WHITE PARTY DRESS white hair ribbon, and white shoes, Mrs. Brito Bowen de Cantó stands beside her younger sister, Agnes. Mrs. Bowen is director of public relationsand associate professor of journalism.
  • WEARING soldier suit, Jaclyn K. de Price draws her hun. Mrs. Prices is the associated professor of education.
  • ELENA FLORES DE SAN ROMAN looks pleased with the bouquet of flowers she has just picked. This picture was taken when she was four. Señora de San Romcin is the assistant professor of Hispanic languages and literatures.
  • SHORTLY BEFORE she left to the United States this picture was taken of Josefina Mariscal, then aged five. At the collapse of the Días regime in Mexico, theMariscals were forced to flee to New York where they lived for 15 years. Señora Mariscal is an instructor in Hispanic Languages and literatures.
  • A WIG, comb, and a sequin embroidered costume from Murcia in southern Valencia, and a white apron provide the colorful costume of Mrs. Carmen lbáñez de Rivas Cherif, associate professor of Hispanic languages and literatures. Her mother was photographed in the some dress, as it was the custom for members of the family to have their pictures taken in this particular outfit.

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  • Physics Head at Notre Dame Now MCC Prof By Jay Beau-Seigneur
  • Hawaiian Born Kapp Finds Home in Mexico By Sandy Johnson
  • Library Services To Be Integrated By New Committee
  • Grad Finds Answer to World's Problems: Language Study

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  • A FULL SCHEDULE finds Dr. Jesse Vera teaching algebra, calculus, physics, mathematics, and engineering problems at MCC. Bob Almanazo Photo
  • Raymond Kapp
  • L. CHARLES PIERCE (right) a graduate of Mexico City College (1948), and now assistant professor of languages at Eastern Oregon College in La Grande, Oregon, is shown during one of his special lab sessions. His foreign language students learn to speak like natives. Next to Pierce is Kiyoko Yamada from Kyoto, Japan, who is adding Spanish to her English and native Japanese language.

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  • Flight Across Continent Terminates in Mexico City By D. E. Renton
  • WQIM Pioneer Madeline Cooke Tells Experiences of The Past Decade By Jack Condon
  • Protesting, Dirty Bird Gets First Bath By Sandy Johnston
  • Embassy Speakers Jam MCC Theater

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  • STANDING BEFORE THE HAMPERS used for tomato picking at one of the migrant areas where she worked last summer, is MCC graduate Madeline Cooke.
  • Mike Bob Almanazo Photo
  • HENRY HERNER poses on the Eiffel Tower

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  • Intramural Softball Proves Popular
  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • MCC Aims Archery Enthusiast For Championship By Jim Monica
  • In This Corner By Pierce Travis

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  • JIM NEELY one of America's most promising young archery enthusiasts, shows a friend
    where he hopes' to put the arrow regularly next August at the Notional Archery Association
    Meet in Sacramento, California. Neely placed third in last's year's tourney.
    Bob Almanso Pholo
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