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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 10.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 26 de abril, 1956

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  • Winners in Art Shown Announced
  • Queen to Reign at Junior Prom By Bob Stout
  • Alumni Bulletin Due Shortly
  • Council Starts Drive For Needy Children
  • Studio Stages Chooses Play

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  • TOP WINNERS IN THE SEVENTH annual MCC Art Show are being congratulated by Merle Wachter, head of the Art Center (extreme left), and Associate Professor Dave Ramsey (second from left). First prizes went to Ruth Carter (center) in sculpture; Dan Rowan (second from right) in graphics, and Elbridge Gordon (extreme right) in painting. Marilú Pease Photo
  • ONE OF THESE lovely co-eds will be named "Queen of the Junior Prom" two weeks from Friday night at the Reforma Club. Sara Schaffer, Maliene Lovely, Sally Van Natta and Stephanie Shaud have been nominated for the honor. With each ticket purchased, a vote can be cast. The Queen and her Court of Pricesse (see page 3) will be announced at the dance.

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  • Children Need Help
  • President's Desk
  • PRESENTIG MEXICO By Marilú Pease
  • Nostalgic Nonsense Highly Endorsed By Fred Lauerman

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  • La Danza de los Viejitos

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  • Notre Dame Lecturer Addresses Students
  • Explorers Visit Cave Near Taxco
  • Turn Right Before Entering By Sean Kelly
  • Reception Held For Librarians
  • Lots Available Near MCC Campus
  • Writing Center Announces Summer Lecture Program

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  • ¡QUE HERMOSA! This bevy of MCC co-ed beauy will form the court of the "Queen of the Junior Prom". From left to right they are: Marla Morrell, freshman; Barbara Wittig, senior; Judy Beasley, sophomore; Betsy McGwinn, senior; . Roberta Irvine, freshman; and Carol Coleman, sophomore. Marilú Pease Photo

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  • Ceramics Reflect Mexico´s Culture By Fernando Horcasitas Photos By Marilú Pesase.

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  • HAND PAINTED DESIGNS make the pottery of the Valley of México beautiful and singular... Above, an expert in Tonalá. decorates a vessel with paints made from ochre and the different dirts and sands of the Valley.
  • FROM TONALA COMES a variety of ceramic styles. The dark colored pottery in the foreground is sometimes designed with white ochre. Before firing, these vessels are burnished with a piece of metal to give them their valuable sheen.
  • OVER THREE THOUSANDS YEARS of uninterrupted pottery making is reflected in the style of this Tlaquepaque ware. Some of the exhibits above were actually made in pre-Hispanic times, others are more recent, but all reflect the some similarities of style.
  • THE MARKET OF OAXACA is one of the world's finest centers for the purchase of authentic mexican pottery. The beautiful glaze attained by the pottery makers is called "greta" and cones form a special type mixture of earth and liquids developed by the natives.
  • THE POTTERY WHEEL is used extensively in the manufacture of Tlaquepaque. pottery Prehispanic cultures did not use this wheel, which first appeared in Mexico after the Conquest.
  • AFTER THE POTTERY has been fashioned on the wheel, patterns are hand-pointed by experts as shown in the picture above. The brushes are made from dogs' hair, and the designs are unique and personal, with no two pieces ever decorated exactly alike.
  • POTTERY MAKING in Mexico has a history of its own: Some ceramic types are similar to those mode thousands of years ago; others reflect definite Spanish and Moorish influences. All, however, are among the most beautiful examples of pottery found in the world today.

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  • College Offers Testing Service
  • Philosophy Teacher Recalls Years of Nazi Terror By Bob Byerly
  • Senior Banquet Early In Jone

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  • ORIGINALLY FROM THESSALONIKI, GREECE, Flora Botton tells of her experiences in the war-ravaged Europe of the early 40's. Ray Kirk Photo

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  • Motorcyclist 3,400 Miles Rides to MCC By Bob Byerly
  • Carter Teaching English At Cultural Institute
  • Kefauver, Harriman Picked Over Adlai

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  • MCC GRADUATE James Patrick Carter is shown giving instruction to children in one of his classes in Mexico City.

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  • Varsity Bowlers Now in Fourth Place By K. Peyton Johnson
  • .THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • Aztecas Beaten By 49- 37 Count By Peyton Johnson
  • Bowling with Byerly

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  • FIVE OF THE SIX MEMBERS of the. Azteca Varsity Bowling squad pose between matches at the Boliches Casablanca where the team competes in the Liga Comercial. Standing left to right are Bill Childress, Earl "Red"· Page, and Art Kruse. In front are Keith Brouillard and Jack Dillon.


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