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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 11.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 10 de mayo, 1956

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  • Choose Queen Friday By Bob Stout
  • Complete Plans for Engineering Course
  • PAA Interviews Students for Jobs
  • 'A View from -the Bridge' To Be Staged This Month By Ward Sinclair
  • Paddock Goes on XEL Tonight
  • Dr.Donald C. Agne To Speak at Graduation
  • High Grades Put Forty-Six On Latest Dean's List

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  • Maleine Lovely
  • Sally Van Natta
  • Stephanie Shawd
  • Sarah Shaffer
  • PROSPECTIVE PAN-AMERICAN AIRWAYS employee Benjamin H. Beckhart of MCC is interviewed by Mr. A. J. L. Hume, Industrial Relations Manager of the Latin-American Division of PAA, and Mr. William F. Raven, Assistant. Division Manager. The two airlines officials were on campus last week to talk to students interested in working for PAA in Latin America.
  • Dr. D. C. Agnew

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  • Can You Express Yourself?
  • President' s Desk
  • Eating Cheaper in Days Gone By Nan Harris

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  • MCC Plans Booth for Book Fair
  • NBC Records College Anthropology Progress
  • Five Apply for M. A. Degree
  • Journalists Win Four Awards at Press Meet
  • Stafford Back From U.S. Trip
  • Group of Parents Hears Dr. Murray
  • B. A. Record Exams Two Weeks Away
  • Frink Granted Leave From Alumni Job

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  • FOR UNITED STATES AUDIENCES, John Paddock, acting head of MCC's Anthropology Department, gives some details of the college's archeological excavations at Yogul for on NBC "Monitor" radio program. Bob Gouty, right, is making tape recordings in Mexico and Central America for the nation-wide hookup. Marilú Pease Photo
  • CHECKING BASEBALL RESULTS on the United Press. wire in the teletype room of the Lamesa (Texas) Daily Reporter are former Collegian editor Buster McGregor and ex-associate editor Don Safron. At right, in the conservative sports shirt, is Jim Monica, the present sports editor of the Collegian. The two former MCC students are currently on the staff of the Texas newspaper.

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  • Mexico City College, Art Center By Sean KElly

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  • Line drawing is an integral part of instruction in MCC's Art Department. Students have the recently added advantage of the two new life studios which were specially designed to catch sunlight and provide the best circumstances possible for the student at work. Anne Kelly Photo
  • Perhaps the most valuable aspect of studying art in Mexico is the rich countryside available to the landscape artist. MCC's field trips range far and near. A student (left) working at the Molino de las Flores, near Texcoco, finds a culture which began in the early days of the Spanish Conquest. The section which surrounds MCC's campus provides an easily accessible source (right) for the student pointer. One hundred yards in any direction will bring the artist to a treasure of subjects for pointing. Marilú Pease Photo
  • Jewelry classes at MCC bring to the student the vast traditions of ancient Mexico. Jewelry making, for centuries a highlight in Mexico's culture, provides an area of art in which the student may learn from those examples which are found almost everywhere in the country. Marilú Pease Photo
  • MCC's Visual Aid department of the Art Center has done much toward furthering relations between the college and comparable institutions north of the border. Many of the aspects of Mexican art are only available in this country; by photographing these in the Center's laboratories, MCC does a great service to universities and museums abroad. Copies of photographs used in MCC classes have been forwarded to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Chicago Art Institute as well as to many colleges and universities in the United States. The Visual Aid department is currently providing assistance to many of the departments within the college, not to mention those Art Center classes which rely heavily on graphic representation
  • Sculpture, a major branch of art, receives important treatment at the MCC art center where so many of the materials necessary to the sculptor may be found close at hand. Following examples of early Mexican artifacts, the student can form a style that is bassed on the simplicity of primitive work ar:ld the centuries old traditions of Mexican artistry. Marilú Pease Photo
  • Design (class shown above) is the basis of all artistic endeavor, be it landscape drawing, still life or mural painting. Students of the MCC art Center receive a thorough indoctrination in the fundamentals of design before they step forward into the other departments of the Center. And the design classes are among those currently being expanded by the Art Center administrators. Anne Kelly Photo
  • The Art Film Series (below), presented weekly by the Art Center's director Merle Wachter, are drawn from the cultural institutions and embassies of Europe, Asia and North and South America. Procured on a lend-lease basis, the films depict areas of artistic endeavor from countries all over the world. The series, which is highly popular with the students, is a graphic example of modern instructional methods put to application at the Art Center.
  • Making murals of natural colored stone (below) is on area of art work in which the student may utilize an element which Mexican muralists have used for centuries. The murals, which provide a wealth of experience for the student, also tend to add a distinctive beauty to the MCC campus. A visitor to Km. 16 finds examples of murals done in fresco, stone and plastic all by current or former students of the MCC Art Center. Pat Murphy Photo

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  • Leone ls Lawyer - Teacher By Don C. Williams
  • All Things Spanish Appeal to Morris By Fred Lauerman
  • Elmendorf Visits Windy City Area
  • Notre Dame Group Here This Summer
  • Contract Signed for Official Campus Post Office
  • Senior Banquet Scheduled June 1
  • Former Students visit Campus
  • Students 'Donate School Supplies

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  • Andy Leone
  • CHECKING PROOFS of textbooks to be printed at the Mexican- American Cultural Institute, Grad of the Week Jack' Morris (left front) is shown with other Institute staff members performing one of his many functions with the cultural center.

Página 7

  • Ex-Court Justice Now Spanish Prof By Willard B. Bennett
  • Maya Culture Class Registration Open
  • Beatriz Rosas Wins U. S. Scholarship
  • Brooks Named Explorers' Prexy
  • Airline Hostess Course Will Be Offered At MCC
  • Coronation Dance Coming On Day 19

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  • Anzures

Página 8

  • Aztecas Shine in All Star Softball By Bob Todd
  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • College Enters Net Tourney
  • Genial Professor Econ Tops on Tennis Court

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  • POPULAR ECONOMICS PROFESSOR Al Ramos is a champion tennis campaigner. He has been awarded over 100 prizes


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