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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 9.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de abril, 1956

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  • Annual Art Show April 19 By Ward Sinclair
  • Student Escapes Ship Disaster By Bob Stout
  • President Returns From Texas Trip By Nan Harris
  • MCC Impresses Campus Visitors
  • Alumni Expands Office Service
  • Record Spring Enrollment

Pies de foto

  • ART STUDENTS Betty Sheridan and Bruce Piner are shown working an paintings for entry in the seventh annual MCC exhibition which will be held at the Mexican-American Cultural Relations Institute at Hamburgo 115. This show, open to the public at no cost, opens Thursday evening, April 19, and will run for a full month. Merle Wachter, head of the Mexico City College art department, is director of the event.
  • TO ESTABLISH CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS between the College and all librarians of the city, MCC librarians discuss plans for a reception to be held on the campus a week from Saturday to entertain members of the Asoclación Mexicana de Bibliotecarios. Left to right are Roberto A. Gordillo, Josephina Berroa, Head Librarians Mary D. Parsons, and Tom Garst. Photo By Marilú Pease.

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  • Are You Getting the Most?
  • President's Desk
  • In the Square By Art Soares
  • Letter to The Editor
  • Consider Designs For School Rings
  • Twins for Thomases In California
  • PRESENTIG MEXICO By Marilú Pease

Pies de foto

  • La Calandria
  • Twins for Thomases In California

Página 3

  • Bitter Battler Returns By Sean Kelly
  • College Publications To Be Released Soon
  • Posner Outlines New Studio Stages Plans
  • Guest Lecturers To Be Exchanged
  • Newman Club Plans Spring Activities

Pies de foto

  • PLANNING THIS TERM'S student activities are the Student Council officers for the spring quarter. Back row, left to right, Hal Hiser, corresponding secretary; Tay Maltesberger, president; Jack Farris, vice-president. Front row, Pat Kart, treasurer, and June Coffron, recording secretary.

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  • Crew of 50 Makes Landscape into Cityscape

Pies de foto

  • Workmen and students (left) pose for the customary group portrait, this time on the grand stairway which was partially uncovered and cemented. The workers, natives of nearby Tlacalula, are themselves one of the most interesting aspects of work at Yagul. All understand Zapoteco; those of middle age usually speak it among themselves, although the younger men seem to prefer Spanish. After four seasons, they have lost much of their former reserve toward the archeologists. Few of them have worked all four seasons with the MCC crews, but everyone in Tlacalula knows all about the American visitors by now, and acquaintance with local custom is fuller and easier to achieve than before.
  • The small urn below, shown almost natural size, was placed as an offering at the door of a Mixtec tomb in Yagul. It is of polished brown ware with graphite decoration. and probably represents an opossum. At left, a set of rare jeweled teeth was found in this year's work. The obsidian insets are placed in sockets drilled with such precision that no decay has taken place around them.
  • Vice president and Mrs. John V. Elmendorf, visiting during the excavations, have a look at one of the tombs at Yagul. At left is John Paddock, director of the project.
  • Pedro Antonio is one of the masons who worked on the reconstructions at YaguI. At right, he is shown placing a stone in a building which is to be restored. Above, holding his daughter, he adopts the fierce frown which rural Mexicans favor for portraits.

Página 6

  • Young Art Instructor ls Veteran Muralist By Ward Sinclair
  • Frosh Adviser Recalls Old Mexican Trails By Eleanor Wilson
  • Three Spanish Teachers Leave
  • Weekly Cultural Art Films Continued
  • Student Magician Featured on TV
  • Librarian Attends Oaxaca Congress

Pies de foto

  • Juanita Pogolotti
  • ARNOLD BELKIN OF THE MCC Art Department pictured demonstrating mural techniques Photo by Pat Murphy

Página 7

  • Aussie Miss Returns To Mexico for Study By Joanne Love
  • New College Impresses Vaca On Return Here
  • NorwegianBecoming 'Expatriate' Again By Elizabeth Bogard
  • Marching into Dixie By Fred Lauerman
  • Professors Define Ideal Student
  • First Son To Smith Born Family

Pies de foto

  • Rosemary' Gilley
  • Mortin Thorheim Photo By Anne Kelly

Página 8

  • Aztecas Lose Fourth Hoop Game By K. P. ]ohnson
  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • Softballers Hit Freely, Remain Undefeated By Jim Monica
  • Bowling With Byerly
  • Kruse Takes Cup In Tournament

Pies de foto

  • GENE MILLIGAN, N9 10, ace performer for MCC's basketball five, goes high into the air for a jump ball during a hotly contested game between the Aztecas and the flashy Studebaker hoopmen. George Fox, N° 12, waits for the tap Photo By Anne Kelly
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