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Mexico City Collegian - Official Student Publication of Mexico City College

Vol. IV, No 10.

México, D. F.

jueves 26 de abril, 1951

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Página 1

  • Psych Center Serves Public
  • Staff to Appear On Radio Tonight
  • Vet Administration Rules Concerning Continued Training
  • College Program Lauded in Letter
  • Successful Art Show Extended To Tuesday By Public Demand
  • Studio Stages Plan Christopher Fry Play Opening on May 11

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Dr. Frances Benveniste, one of the psychologists in the MCC Psych Center, demonstrates with little Diane Feder, daughter of Luis Feder of the Psychology Department, a psychiatric test found effective in dealing with children.
  • Foto 2: Serving the Students of MCC. Student council members, left to right, Les Krulevitch, Raymond Mora, Roland E. Garcia, Mrs. Lou Carty, faculty adviser, Clarence Collings, Budd Reich, Bob Winter, Fayne Frater, Frank Moore, Sy Wise, Joseph Webber, and Peggy McMasters.

Página 2

  • 'Collegian' Wants Club News
  • The Editor Speaks Up
  • Emily Postscripts In Our Midst

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Picture of the Week. Morelia, Mich. at 7 a.m. Taken by William T. Greenacre with a Mercury II camera.
  • Each issue the Collegian prints the best picture taken by an MCC student. Bring your entry to the Press Room, first floor, Chiapas 136.

Página 3

  • LAES Elects New Officers; Plans Programs
  • De Alva Discusses "Zimmerman Note"
  • Ramos Receives AAC Decoration
  • Graduate Studying Under Rev. W. H. Cain Scholarship
  • New MCC Photo Club Recently Started
  • Laska Speaks On Czech Anabasis
  • Dean Lopez Returns From AACRAO Houston Meeting

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: A Few of the Handsome couples who enjoyed dancing at MCC's Spring Ball held last Saturday at the Casino Montecarlo. Foxtrots, mambos, paso dobles, and swing were all included in the music by Roberto Marquez's orchestra.
  • Foto 2: Dolores Jones

Página 4

  • Spanish M.C.C. Way

Página 5

Página 6

  • Asides from the Roving Reporter
  • Trio to Present Program Tonight
  • MCC Alumns Joins Foreing Press Corps
  • Attention Kids!
  • "Looks Like Our Slip's Showing"
  • Chela Jones Finds Use For History Training

Página 7

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • No Pica Mucho
  • Museum Director Dr. Silvio Zavala Joins College Faculty

Página 8

  • The Collegian Sports Parade
  • University Tournament Sees Azteca Hoopsters Lose Two More Games
  • MCC Softballers Beat America 4-3 in Last Inning Rally

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Don Mullin, Azteca third sacker waits for a peg from right field in Sunday before last's game with the Kanguros as runner hits the dirt in a effort to beat the throw. Runner was safe on the play. The Kanguros won, 11-1, knocking MCC out of a tie for the championship of the Liga Interclub. The game was played in the Stadio de Softbol in Loma Hermosa.
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