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Vol. IV, No 11.

jueves 10 de mayo, 1951

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  • Fry Comedy Slates Opening
  • MCC Given Membership In Texas College Association
  • Students Broadcast Tonite On XEBS
  • Ring Round The Moon Will Play Ten Days At Aguileon
  • Pre - Registration To Take Place Next Week

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Romantic Interlude... Roberto Ramírez and Marilyn Hansen, as "Frederick" and "Diana Messersehmamm", rehearse a love scene for Studio Stages presentation of Christopher Fry's comedy-fantasy "Ring Round The Moon", which opens tomorrow night at Teatro Aguilon.
  • Foto 2: Top Scorers of the Mexico City College Bowling League this week were aearded trophies for their victories in the last quarter. (LR) Eddie Garcia, team manager, here presents the cups to Fern Wahlberg, Rosemary Hotz, Clarence Collins and Mrs. Lou Carty. Mrs. Carty received the award on behalf of former MCCite Bob Alkire, now in the United States.

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  • Care Enough To Give Enough

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  • Students List Aftosa Among Job Experiences
  • News From All Over Bits From Here And There
  • Mexican Magazine Spots Article By MCC Teacher

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: At The Maya Ruins in Uxmal, Mexico City Colleges students, Mary Ann Smith and Don Burns (right) listen to Juan Cano Hernández as he explains various points on the Maya ruins. In the background ean be seen the lofty Temple of the Magician. The trip to Yucatan was directed bby Parks Klumpp, former MCC student and Collegian writer, now a director of Student Tours.

Página 4

  • Ring Round The Moon

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Louis Malley and A.T. Caskie
  • Foto 2: Lloyd Hulse started his dramatic career by playing the villian in a melodrama called "The Fireman's Child".
  • Foto 3: Clinging to the bars in mock terror is Arnold Seidner who started his career as an actor and singer at Choate Prep. in Connecticut.

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Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: "Ring Round the Moon" the current vehicle being sponsored by the Mexico City College drama group at Pánuco 10 tomorrow was written by Christofer Fry.
  • Foto 2: Standing behind Titina is Bernice Smith of Santa Monica, California, who started her professional career at the age of five as an angel in a motion picture version of "The Bluebird".
  • Foto 3: Edward Yount came to Mexico City as a talent scout.
  • Foto 4: In the upper left is Madeleine Edmondson of Boston.

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  • Asides From The Roving Reporter
  • LSU Coed Wins MCC Scholarship
  • Fernandez Tells Views Of Stateside Lecture Tour
  • John And Barbara Decide To Travel
  • Documentary Film Of Orlando Now In Progress

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  • Foto 1: MCC Grad Takes Mexican Bride.-2nd Lt. Robert Dolan and his bride the former Julie Paullada pose for a wedding picture after theri marriage recently in San Angel, México. Dolan received his B. A. degree in Latin American Studies in '48. He is stationed in an Army camp near Washington, D. C.

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  • From The Dean's Desk
  • MCC Anthropology Club Sponsors Essay Contest
  • Malagon New Instructor
  • Dugas Names Berroa To Library Post
  • MCC Fame Spreads as U. S. Papers Publicize School

Página 8

  • Bowling For Spring Quarter Gets Rolling
  • Los Aztecas Pierden Dos Juegos De Soft
  • YMCA Scores 55-42 Win Over Aztecas

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Bob Dingwall (hair to camera) shown throwing Bill Gavel (feet in the air) with the "Ippon-seiyoi" at the Basilio Gymnasium N° 13 where many other MCC students, amog which are Joe McGarvey, Sten Bergman and Jacl Brown, go to practice the art of Judo.
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