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The Collegian

Vol. 24, No 6.

University of the Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

viernes 21 de mayo, 1971

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Página 1

  • Security to limit use of guns
  • Petition attacks SAUA officers
  • Alpha Chi chapter installed
  • Fashion show aids Red Cross
  • Crime wave quelled: Former UA coeds raid dorm
  • Yearbook needs photos

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  • STUDENTS GATHER to listen to Up-Front new elections to be Leid for student government Club spokesman, Allen Raby, speak against the offices. SAUA. Later a petition was circulated asking for

Página 2

  • Work within for the change system
  • Don Mezcalito
  • Advice and dissent: Letters, we get letters
  • Students speak on Self-Study

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  • Gates, Rylance, Yumlseva, Pesta, Terradath, Aronson

Página 3

  • Jail life easy -proves beneficial
  • Quoting around
  • Queen you take may be your mother
  • Dogs life not so bad at UA

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  • CHURCH DOME rises next to Puebla jail's San Juan de Dios courtyard to offer the only glimpse of the outside to the inmates

Página 4

  • We got CULTURE

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  • BUGALOOING MODEL aids lhe Cholula Red Cross in charily canasta party and fashion show during UA Cultural Week.
  • CUATRO DE LAS bellas artistas del grupo "Los países de America durante la 1ra Semana Cultual de la Universidad de las Americas.
    Folkloristas" que interpretaron canciones americanas y lucieron trajes típicos de varios
  • THE TWO PIANISTS of Cullural Week hit responsive chords.
  • A HOT FIDDLE and a loud back-up characterize Tony Baker at the mike. Presenting their own original music they Conned part of the ( Thursday night entertainment which also featured other UA students.
  • CULTURE IS sometimes burden! students, faculty and workmen aided in transporting Raphael Samuuel's sculpture to its final resting place.

Página 5

  • Ghost haunts hacienda
  • All steamed up Aged temascal steam cleans mind
  • It 's a cold cruel world out there: old college degree ain´t what it used to be

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  • A VESTIGIAL LINK with the past is the today those that exist are constructed in the same "temescal" or steam bath. Even though rarely seen style as their pre-columbian counterparts.

Página 6

  • Basketball camp coming
  • Dean's List announced
  • Williams plans for new season
  • Group art proyects now underway
  • UA gets promotion in CA
  • Collegian advertisements

Pies de foto

  • LITTERBUG Richard Rodgers who plays Ario Guthrie in the photography classes' production of "Alice's Restaurant" gets a bit tied up as Tony Baker, Officer Obie (right) and Anson Anderson, guard , question him during the trial scene.
  • YOUNG ROOKIE gets a lesson in dribbling from Poblano veteran Poncho Solorzano at the UA's summer basketball camp.
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