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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 22, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 15 de agosto, 1969

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  • August Graduation Set
  • President Names Women's Advisor
  • Tech Ends First Year In Puebla
  • Dean Johnson Appointed UA Recruiter In Midwest
  • Thirty One M.A.'s Will be Awarded

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  • DISTINGUISHED GUEST- Burton E. Grossman, member of the University of the Americas' Board of Trustees and prominent financer, will deliver the keynote address at UA's summer commencement.
  • PROMOTED- Sandra Sanders, formerly President Lindley's secretary, has been named to fill the newly created administrative post of counselor for women. She will start her new job at UA September 1- Photo by John O´Leary.
  • RECUITED RECRUITER- Keith Johnson has been selected as a Ua's recruiting agent in the Midwest. The former dean of men is pictured here with his "most valuable partner", his wife Lee, who seems to have done a pretty good job of recruiting for herself. Photo by John O'Leary.

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  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
  • Presenting Mexico
  • Knuckles Rapped
  • The Paper Tree
  • Moon Conquest Gives Earth another chance
  • Is Life A Third-Class Bus To Nowhere?
  • The Toilet Situation

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  • Rodoreda
  • Cooke
  • Martin

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  • Anthro Conducts Dynamic Research
  • Popular Couple To Leave Mexico
  • HRI Draws Students
  • Purchaser Supplies New Puebla
  • UA Degrees Approved
  • Grimse Shoots Films For U.S Television
  • Profs Bid University Farewell
  • Play Produced By Alumnus

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  • BON VOYAGE- Dr. Xico García and his wife Yolanda regretfully take leave on their many friends and aquaintances on the UA campus, as they head north for bigger and better horizons in their home state of Texas. Photo by John O´Leary.
  • Hernández Haces
  • BASKETBALL CLINIC.- Morris "Moe" Williams, UA basketball coach and physical education instructor, is shown with 15 boys who are participating in his new basketball clinic. The clinic, designed to teah the fundamentals of good basketball, is only for the children of faculty members and University employeeswho are going to Puebla. The boys, aged 8-18, meet every Wednesday, Fryday and Saturday at 3.00 p.m. and every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Photo by John O´Leary
  • TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS- Brita Bowen de Cantó, recently reired faculty advisor for the Collegian, recieves a Certificate of High Merit from Dr. Otto R. Nielsen, UA executive president. Professor Bowen was cited for her 27 years of loyal service. Photo by Jack Cunningham.

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  • Many Pasts, One Future

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  • Plaza of the Three Cultures
  • New Construction
  • Colonial alley
  • Colonial Gate
  • Church in Pedregal
  • Residence in Pedregal
  • Early Church
  • San Angeln Inn Interior
  • Contemporary Patio
  • Sunset at Tlatelolco
  • Indian Mexico
  • Pre-Columbian Influence
  • Paseo de la Reforma
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