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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 17, No 14.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 31 de julio, 1964

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Página 1

  • Student Directors To Stage Bill Of Three One-Act Plays
  • Far-Sighted Alumnus Gives U A Tuition Gifts
  • Ciudad Satelite To Be Location Of New Campus
  • New Film Workshop Now Being Organized

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: What The Future Holds – A scale model indicates the plan for construction of a new campus in Ciudad Satelite. Sports facilities (foreground) include football field, baseball dianiond, and tennis courts. At left are dormitories with classrooms in center and administration offices at right. Buildings in background are for the humanities and fine arts.
  • Foto 2: Learning To Direct – Charles Lucas assists Keith Rothschild (right) student director of Dark Lady of the Sonnets, in staging a dramatic scene. The actors (left to right) are Kay Ackerman. Jennifer Rothschild, and Russ Bennett.
  • Foto 3: Historic Moment – Jess Dalton, chairman of the UA Development Program,. holds the burning note which signifies the end of the University's indebtedness. The match was lit by John Sevier, cochairman. Bernard Bennet representative of the Exchange National Bank of Chicago and Mrs. D. Ray Lindley smile as they watch the mortgage go up in smoke. Now that U A is debt free plans are underivay for moving the school to a new campus.

Página 2

  • Dr. Lindley Praised For Courage, Vision
  • Placement Office Needed For Graduating Students
  • Presenting Mexico
  • Theoretical Statement Misconstrued As Attack
  • Orthodox Position Is Misinterpreted

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: The Place Of The Coyotes — If you're in search of something different, far frorn the noise and rush of Modern having, drive south along Insurgentcs until you reach the monument to Obregon, then turn left on the street just before reaching the garden which surrounds the monument.

Página 3

  • M.A. Program In Art History To Be Reintroduced This Fall
  • Bernal, Horcasitas To Edit 'Tlalocan' Journal
  • UA Visitor Recalls Varied Experiences As Member Of Foreign Service Family
  • Thirty-Eight Attain Honor For Scholastic Achievement
  • Differing Opinions Offered On Education

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 2: Pretty, Isn't He? – On the University terrace are left lo right Jim Mac Dougald, Jeannie Freeman and Terry McEvoy. Miss Freeman, the daughter of the American Ambassador to Mexico, recently paid a visit to UA and was very impressed by the school.
  • Foto 1 : Hard Work Does It – A respite from studies is enjoyed by a few of the group on the most recent Deans List. From left to right are fames Olaf Halvorson, Patricia Tofflemire, Nelson Tapson, finx Maxon, Lynn Cochran, Emilie Margolis and Graciela Vaca.

Página 4

  • Challenge Of Conquering Popo Lures Adventurous Mountainers
  • Machos Donka Hotly Contend Bowling Lead
  • Widely-Traveled UA Student Witness Of Riots,Witchcraft

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: On The Way Up – Brian Hill and Craig Chilton stop to lighten their crampons and contemplate the long climb ahead. Hill was successful in reaching the summit but Chilton stopped just a few yards short of the goal.
  • Barefoot Contessa – Exhibiting her beautiful Vietnamese garb is Norma Cabrera. U A economics major. Norma whose father is with the United Nations, has been over niost of the world with her family and has acquired many native costumes in her travels.
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