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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 12.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de julio, 1962

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  • Important 'Finds' Uncovered By MCC Archeologists
  • Mann Accepts Award For Chief Executive
  • 'Card Game' In College Theater Today

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  • RECORD OF CAVE - Robert Chadwick (center), Dr. Eric O. Callen (left) botanist from McGill University, and Dr. Richard S. MacNeish pause to consider the implications of their discoveries in the above-pictured Coxcatlan Cave. Under the direction of MacNeish, the Tehuacan Archeological-Botanical Project has traced man's history in Mexico from 10,000 years ago to the present day. The lettered strata may be seen on the cove wall behind the scientists. The white markers indicate the layers of deposit in the cove-several thousand years difference between bottom and top.
  • AWARD - On behalf of President John F. Kennedy, The Honorable Thomas C. Mann, United States ambassador in Mexico, accepts the Fraternitos Award presented to the President by Mexico City College. From left to right are student representatives Roberto Vallejo Pantoja and Kenneth Grey; Ambassador Mann; Dr. Henry L. Coin, interim president of MCC; and Russell F. Moody, president of the MCC Boord of Trustees.
  • ANNUAL SHOW - This print was done by Michael Gast, and produced in a class where students work in the manner and technique of the old masters. The print is one of the works on exhibit in this year's Student Standard Art Show. (See page 3 for story).

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  • Dr. Lindley Plans Growth Of MCC
  • Contrasting Impressions In Current Exhibitions
  • Student Hangs Sign: No Fallout Shelter Here

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  • Pyramid Of The Sun

Página 3

  • School Purchases A Multilith Press
  • 'Not The Old China,' Far East Expert
  • Art Exhibit Features Representative Work
  • Ninety Chosen From One Thousand

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  • TALKING POLITICS-After class discussion is one of the "small college" features of MCC that visiting professor Henry J. Tobias thoroughly enjoys. He finds the school in general much more cosmopolitan than most small schools, because of its location in a foreign country as well as the wide variety of students who attend. Enjoying the discussion, from left to right, ore Don Moore, Dr. Tobias and Pete Greeg.
  • A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE - Mrs. Mory D. Parsons, MCC head librarian, expresses her opinion regarding the Seattle World Fair which she attended forming part of on honored group of 90 professional librarians who were chosen from almost 1,000 applicants. Mrs. Parsons is shown here holding a pitcher, a typical example of Mexico's popular art.

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  • MCC Intra - Mural Bowling, A Look At School Records
  • Scholars Translate Knowledge Into Many Mexican Languages

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  • BOWLING THEM DOWN -Chomp, Nick Zelenak, shows the form that won him two coveted school records in last quarter's race for the int ramural bowling championship.
  • CUICATECOS FIRST STEP - The above page from o book in the Cuicoteco language is the type of material which is used to teach the Indians to read their own language.
  • THE GO-GETTERS COLLECT - It's a gala occasion as the Potenciales, Intro-Mural Bowling Champions, chuckle over long awaited nuptials. From left to right are John Delucia, Ronald Gunter, and Jim Hamon.
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