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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 11.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 7 de junio, 1962

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  • Commencement Speaker Is President Lindley
  • International Group Hears MCC Experts
  • Mariachis, Gold Keys

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  • LONG AWAITED-The new president of MCC, Dr. D. Ray Lindley, will assume his duties as college head the first of August. Dr. Lindley wos formerly president of Texas Christian University and Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, North Carolina.
  • CAP SIZE FOR WELL-FILLED HEADS-B.A. candidates (left to right) Sandra Knot, Robert Fox, Max Zaragoza, Bill Hardin, and Catherine Block gather in the cloak room at MCC to try on mortarboards and gowns. The caps fit perfectly, final exams are expected shortly to demonstrate that the heads belong inside them.
  • GRAND PRIZE- Mario Pérez received the first award in painting at the 13th Annual Students Art Show this year

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  • Campus Extends Abrazo To Prexy
  • Faculty - Student Body Relationship Discussed
  • MCC Artists Praised But With Reservations
  • Former Beat Recapitulates Meaning Through Poets And Old Time Heroes

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Página 3:

  • Dr. Rivers, Bio Researcher
  • Kennedy Accepta Fraternitas Award
  • Summer Professors Scholarly Group
  • San Fernando's Gift, Thousands of Books

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  • MARSHALS FACTS OF LIFE- Under the instruction of Dr.Mercedes Meza de Rivers, biology students at MCC are seriously confronting the mammalian skeleton and other phenomena of life in the laboratory.
  • MEET GRANDMA - Ida Lonese, who plays Grandma, and Judy Tipalda, the Mama of Drama Workshop's production of Edward Albee's "The American Dream", work out some kinks in their roles with director Dr. George Sidney. Also in the cast are Peter Montague as Daddy, Tom Sellers as the young man, and Kathleen Winnett as Mrs. Barker. Performances are at 2 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.
  • CHET TAYLOR- finds semirespectability after returing to civilization.

Página 4

  • Art And Science Of Judo Reviewed By Expert Kliora
  • Ex-Student Awarded Pulitzer Prize
  • Bowling League In Final Stages; Softball Team Loses Third Game

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  • ONE, TWO, OVER-Judo expert Jim Kliora is demonstrating the art by throwing Roberto Fuentes.
  • FIRST WINNER- Ed Guidotti, right, accepts an award of 50 pesos from dean of men Jacinto Quirarte. Guidotti was the first winner of the feature article contest held by the Collegian. A 50 pesos prize is given to the writer of the best feature for each issue.
  • CAREFUL AIM-Dr. George Sidney, takes his turn in a recent intramural bowling league match. The league is in its final week of action.
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