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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 7.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 22 de febrero, 1962

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  • First Faculty Group Receives Baird Grants
  • Grant Donor Compliments Spanish Dept
  • Patrick And Stowell To Fight Bulls

Pies de Foto

  • OLE! OLE! - Alan Ward Stowell demonstrates the proper way to execute the derechazo, a basic pass with the muleta, while Juan Navarro of Politecnico simulates the bull while running horns. John Patrick (left rear), and Jose Luis Lobostida (right rear) look on. All four matadores will appear in the bullfight festival in the Rancho del Chorro on March 3 a t 4:00 p.m.

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  • Mexico City Has New Literary Experiments
  • What Sight "'ould You Import Home?
  • Mexico Ouarterly Material Rated 'First Ouality
  • Two Letters To The Editor

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  • PRESENTING MEXICO: CARNIVAL IN TEPOZTLAN- The four days of Carnival, which take place just before Lent, can be enjoyed in various parts of Mexico.

Página 3

  • New Device Saves Presentation Time
  • Anzures Accepts Summer Position
  • Customs And Cultu1re Discussed By Linguist
  • Twent.y-Two Students Are Candidates For Degrees
  • Top Students Given Honor

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  • A GOOD POINT - Enrique Chicurel, head of the engineering department, is standing in front of the screen on which students' homework is projected.
  • DEAN'S LIST - Pictured holding the many books that helped them win their honors as MCC's outstanding students ore, left to right: Isaura Frede, Douglas Bez, Linda Lambert, Sandra Giovanelli, and Conrad Kent
  • '62 CLASS RINGS - Pictured are the traditional class rings for all 1962 MCC graduates. The front view shows the college seal. The side of the 14-Karat gold ring depicts the Mexican and the American eagles. The price of the ring is 250 pesos. Those people interested in securing rings should see either Wilma Peterson or Bill Hardin.

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  • Tiantongo: A Mixtec Community

Pies de Foto

  • The ruins of Monte Negro in the center of Tilantongo have been radio-carbon dated as probably 7th century B. C., contemporaneous with or preceding Monte Alban I. The picture was taken from what was probably the main thoroughfare of
    this impressive pre-Columbian site.
  • The church bell weighing several tons was placed in its thatched bellhouse adjacent to the church in much the same way as all construction was done in pre-Hispanic times; that is, without the use of wheel or pulley.
  • On the trail from one ranch to another in Tilontongo one wonders if the airstrip will precede the road in this remote area.
  • View of the cabecera (administrotive center) of Tilantongo, Oaxaca. The ranches which compose the municipio of Tilantongo extend in all directions as far as the eye can see. The adobe houses in the cabecera are in contrast with the oak-timber houses of the ranches.
  • Reconstructed stone pillars from the ruins of Monte Negro overlook the valley below in which Tilantongo is centered. The site of the metropolis built well over 2,500 years ago atop a towering mountain which dominates the surrounding countryside is similar to that of Monte Alban.
  • Pigs are occasionally barbecued for big fiestas. The pig shown here was slaughtered shortly before the shot was taken and is being scraped to remove the outer skin. The corn cob sticking from the pig's throat, where the incision was made, keeps the blood from escaping. The blood will later be used for soup. The young man in the middle is supposed to keep the flies away by swatting them with his zacate. The type of miniature chair in the lower left-hand corner is found in many homes.

Página 6

  • 'Baby On The Year Of Celebration' Here
  • No Sex Problem ln Jumping Beans
  • Chapultepec Park Offers Wide Variety For Visitor
  • Stein Hard To Corner As He Ducks, Weaves
  • Riding 'Rocket' Risliy, Report Riders

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  • AMBASSADOR'S DAUGHTER - MCC student Kiyoko Hayashi had the fortunate circumstance of becoming Japan's daughter of the year at birth. Kiyoko is busily engaged in studying the customs, language, and literature of Mexico.
  • FINANCIER -big deal type; good liver- chateabriand and pheasant. Probably Republican.
  • IGNORING WARNINGS - MCC students depart for home on the unpredictable "Rocket".

Página 7:

  • Volunteer Worker To Return Favor
  • Lawyer Divides His Mornings Between College And Bank
  • Campus Professor Edits New Review
  • Good Fellowship Learned From Travel
  • Alumnus Has Fellowhip For Degree

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  • CLAIRE CHENE - The MCC student works as a volunteer at the children's pavillion in the State Mental Hospital, La Castañeda, "To return in some meaningful way all the wonderful things that Mexico has to offer."
  • ROY REYES - The MCC traveling badminton player has seen a lot of the world and wishes to see more.
  • FULL SCHEDULE - In addition to his morning classes at MCC, Lic. Adolfo Crespo Ramirez spends the latter part of his days downtown as economic research advisor to the Banco de Mexico.

Página 8

  • Azteca Ball Club Overwhelms Opposition With 16-3 Win
  • Flyer, Athlete, Coach Rudy Manzo Finishes MCC Career In March
  • College Keglers Strive For Eastern Tournament
  • Soccer Team Gains 3-3 Tie In First Contest Of Season
  • Pong Dongers Take Over Lead In Intramural Bowling Competition
  • Dr. Stafford Sponsors Aunt's Art Exhibition

Pies de Foto

  • SWINGER - Long ball hitting Phil Grace sets to tee off on a pitch during a recent MCC softball contest. The Aztecas, fielding a team of veterans, are currently undefeated in league action.
  • FOOTWORK - MCC soccer player Jacques Goueytes fights for the ball in the opening game of the winter quarter schedule. The squad. forced into inactivity because of inavailability of the American High School field, fought to a three to three draw with its opponents in the opener.
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