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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 8.

jueves 26 de abril, 1962

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  • Dr. Greenleaf Will Take Over Mcc Academic Vice-Precidency
  • Faculty Members Receive Baird Foundation Grants
  • Bidwell, New Undergraduate Dean, Assumes Position Summer Quarter

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  • OFFICERS ELECTED-CCFM of MCC has elected a new steering committee for the spring quarter. Those holding the reins are: (from left to right) Dorothy Clevett, secretary; Margaret Willms, treasurer; Lynne Cochran, chairman; and Ralph Ayers, publicity chairman.
  • NEW DEAN - Dr. Robert L. Bidwell will take his position as Undergraduate Dean this summer. He will replace Dr. Savage who for eight years was a member of the MCC faculty.
  • TAKING OVER-The academic vice-presidency this coming June will be Dr. Richard Greenleaf, associate dean of graduate studies and chairman of the International Relations Department. Dr. Greenleaf is presently in Spain doing research in his field of specialization- the Inquisition. His duties: to set academic policies for the college.

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  • Helpful Hints On lmmigration Papers
  • Loeb Yes, Hem' No, In The Way It Really Was
  • Vital New Talents On Mexico's Art Horizon

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  • WINNER OF CONTEST-This lithograph by Nick Schlee begins the feature for the 'Collegian Work of Art,' a feature to be run in these pages each issue. The pieces are selected from the art department of MCC and are judged by the art staff.

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  • Sidney Picks 'Antigone' For Drama Workshoppers
  • Council Suicide Leaves A Gap
  • Grad Analyzes Poetry
  • Students Have Bones To Pick For New Zoology Lab Project

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  • DRAMATIC PRESENTATION-Dr. George Sidney telling students in his drama workshop of the subtleties of the stage. The workshop will sponsor Sophocles' Antigone later in the quarter.
  • THESE BONES DID RISE AGAIN - Ronald Weiner makes sure the head bone is still connected to the neck bone on this delicate reconstruction of a chicken skeleton which he and a classmate completed, with several setbacks, in 55 laboratory hours.

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  • Sanborn Envisions Campus Cine Club
  • Students Escape "Little America" In Quiet Villages Above School
  • Bowlers Honored By Awards At End Of Exciting Season
  • Intramural Bowling League Opens; Four Teams Tied For First Place

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  • HAPPY BOYS-Outstanding MCC bowlers were honored at the close of the winter quarter intramural competition at El Bol Polanco. Pictured with trophies and smiles are from left to right, Jim Gaved, Rudy Manzo, Glenn Beaudry Nick Zelenak
    and Jim Hamon
  • CLIMB ABOARD-Students living in the village of Cuajimalpa, above the college, buy groceries from the mobile "CEIMSA" store which stops there daily.
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