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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 4.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 7 de diciembre, 1961

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Página 1

  • Who´s Who Honors Fifteen
  • Thirty Candidates Graduate This Fall
  • Student Council Election To Take Place Tomorrow
  • Two Campus Students At SCONA Meeting
  • New For Curicultlm Slated Mexican Students

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  • FINAL DAY EARNED - These candidates for degrees shore their thoughts about this fall's graduation.

Página 2:

  • Larger MCC Seen With Greater Scope
  • Latest Nye Is Book OF Reviewed
  • Lester Myers Starts Each Day With Good Deed

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  • HERE HE COMES - Children who live along the Toluca Highway anxiously wait for MCC student Lester Myers to poss on his doily hike to campus. Why? Myers' briefcase con tains dulces. Savings on transportation go for the candy which Myers hands out every day.

Página 3:

  • Poet's Club Debate Set For Tomorrow
  • Psychology Club Attends Inter -American Congress
  • Taylor Receives Marianist Award
  • Foster Conducts Choir In Christmas Concert
  • National Magazine Features MCC
  • Foster Conducts Choir In Christmas Concert
  • College Staff Learning English
  • Cain Presents Certifica tes At Sales Commencement

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  • PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS - Officers of the Mexico City College Psychology Club discuss a new publication in relation to the coming Inter-American Congress. Left to right are Winston Morris (co-chairman), Sandro Giovonnelli (secretary), and Rene Drucker (co-chairman).
  • INGLES - Among members of the staff currently learning English from Mrs. Davis in a special class ore left to right: Agustino Duron, Jose Ruiz, Aurora Joen, Jesus Trujillo, Jorge Huerto, Salvador Ma'rtinez, Ricardo Garcia, Teresa Perez, Roberto Garcia, ond Guadalupe Ramirez
  • SCHOLARLY WORK - Guest lecturer and graduate student, Coley Taylor, yesterday was awarded the Marianist Award for his writings on the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Página 4 , 5 :

  • Selective Past,Present, Set Future Progress

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  • Mario Perez checks a silk screen of the MCC emblem against the light.
  • Jacques Goueytos receives a suggestion from Toby Joysmith in the model class, as Claire Chene and Dolores Donzig concentrate on their work.
  • Tho use of gold leaf during the Byzantine period in the proceass that concerns (left to right) Joy Rutherford, Leslie Robin, and David Cox.
  • Toby Joysmith is ready to print in the lithography room.
  • Pensive faces dominate this scene in the department. Left to right, background are : Jacques Goueytes, Dennis Mogdich, and Stephanie Barnes, Alfredo Milian, Stephanie West, and Rodney Ferguson. Foreground are: Lester Meyers, Joy Rutherford, and Karen Oss.
  • An art history class is watching this slide projection of a preColumbian object, while Mrs. Elena Gerlero is making a point.

Página 6:

  • Leilani Key Relates Trip To Homeland
  • Boris Cohen Seminar On Discusses War Causes
  • Econ Club Sponsors Debates
  • Martinez Del Rio Honored For Outstanding Service

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  • CANADIAN CONFERENCE - Boris Cohen has returned from the annual seminar on international affairs held in Montreal, Canada
  • CAMPUS KEY - Philippine born Leilani Key displays a native dress on the MCC campus.
  • HOMAGE GIVEN - Don Pablo Martínez del Río was honoerd in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the publication of his work, Los Orígenes Americanos.

Pagina 7

  • Freud's Concept Of Ego Changing
  • MCC's Saldana Guides Tourists
  • Ballerina Studies Education
  • 'Qual-Quan' Lab Added

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  • NETZAHUALCOYOTL - Danny Saldaña gives tourists a brief run-down on the Poet-kingk Netzahualcoyotl, in front of the monument to this Texcocan king in Chapultepec Park.
  • BALLET - Mary Jane Hayner takes a graceful Pose demonstrating a difficult leap.

Página 8 :

  • Antique Aircraft Restored By Wolf
  • MCC Baseball Team Continues Improving
  • Pongdongers Edge Alpes To Turn Tables In League
  • Hopefuls Out For Gridiron Dream
  • Peterson Leads Paddle Tourney
  • Rose Of Delta Sis Chosen By Pledges
  • Nunez Selected For Congress Committee
  • Group To Hold Party

Pies de Foto

  • STRIKE ONE! - Nick Zelenak missed the first pitch during the recent gome between the Aztecas and Social Security, but he slammed the next one to the center field fence for a double.
  • ANTIQUE FLYER - Ed Wolf is shown just before taking off in his antique aeroplane.
  • DREAM COME TRUE - The determination of these football enthusiasts to establish a permanent team on the campus is undaunted as they turn out for practice. Front, left to right are: Bill Smith, Charlie Whyte, Norm Lamont, Jack Gilbert, and Gene Mendez. Back row are: Dale Durburow, Gary Adams, John Hochstein, Pepe Meehan, Eddie Richardson and Armando Gomez.




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