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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 7.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 25 de febrero, 1960

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  • Poet's Voice To Present Famous Satire By Shaw
  • Cabrera Appointed As Federal Judge
  • Forty Nine Placed On Honors List
  • Adlai Stevenson Pays Visit To Frisell Museum In Oaxaca

Pies de foto

  • Casting call -- Poet's Voice members intently read for parts in George Bernard Shaw's satire "Don Juan in Hell." The production will be presented in the college theatre on March 10. From left to right are Jack Natkin, Sandy Simon, Gay Conrad, and Tom Radomski.
  • Idols of the tribe -- Adlai Stevenson, former candidate for the presidency of the United States, is shown admiring a pre-Columbian idol at the Frissell Museum of Zapotec Art in Oaxaca. Stevenson was taken to the museum, recently acquired by Mexico City College, by co-chairman of the MCC anthropology department, John Paddock (next to Stevenson). In the foreground are (left) Charles Wilke, MCC anthropology instructor and (right) Carlos Margin, Mexican government anthropologist.
  • Really bright -- Four of the forty-nine students who have been recently named to the Dean's Honor List are (left to right) Mott L. de Forest, on for the fourth time; Elisa Torrey, María Marín, and Robert Stickland all of whom are on for the third time.

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  • Increasing Library Thefts Revealed
  • Weak People Breed Modern Scapegoat
  • Historical 'If' Posed By Peterson's Aztec Studies
  • Presidential Possibilities Are Discussed As Murray Comments On Coming Race

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  • Oaxacan masterpiece -- This fine example of a pre-Columbian urn is one of the many archeological treasures pictured in Frederick Peterson's book, Ancient Mexico.
  • Dr. Murray

Página 3

  • Glickman Tunes Up His Guitar For A Concert Of Folk Ballads
  • Drama Contest Won By Collegian Editor
  • Students Are Polled For Pick Of Greats

Pies de Foto

  • Fraternal chapter -- Current pledges to Delta Sigma Pi represent the largest number in the history of the local chapter. Shown with pledge-master Rubén Robles are (left to right) Charles Bradley, Dan Mahoney, George Hackley, Joseph Meehan, Dave Waltens, Earl Chumney, Wiliam Freeman, and Sergio de Paz. Pledges not in the picture are Don Domolaske, Daniel Smith and Fred Rath.
  • Brush off -- Dick Owens, MCC graduate students, is shown cleaning up one of the stone heads flanking the doorway of a large tomb at Yagul. The tomb seems to have been almost entirely dismantled in ancient times to make way for newer constructions, but the doorway was left intact. Work on it has been under way for several weeks and will take several more.
  • Folk guitar -- Paul Glickman prepares for a concert of ballads and love songs he will present in the theater next Tuesday.

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  • Study Of Mankind

Pies de Foto:

  • "The day began early with the first faint flush of dawn in the eastern sky... Bor had returned as he promised to take us to the ruins... He led the way into a thick swamp, his machete quietly flipping here and there to clear the way... The Indian's sense of direction amazed me... Along an indistinctive part of the trail, Bor halted and told us to wait while he looked for an old tree that marked the turn-off for the ruins. A few minutes later he called to us and we cut up a slope for about ten minutes. The he stopped. There it was!"
  • "Gene Dursin and I finally began our trip into the Lacandon Jungle last night. We caught the 8:30 bus from Mexico City to Coatzacoalcos, on the Gulf. After two and one- half months of planning, it is good to be under way... This town (Coatzacoalcos) is cloudy, dirty, and tropical. Still I like it... We have enough food and supplies for three weeks. I hope it is enough."
  • "The plane made a sharp 180 degree turn and swept back toward the Lacandon camp. The jungle raced beneath us. Then a little dirt clearing opened up below and the plane skimmed even lower over the jungle and landed bumpily... A small band of strange-looking people had collected. Most of them wore a single, baggy, dresslike garment. Long black hair draped down their backs, shoulders, and sides of their faces, making the men indistinguishable from the women... 'They certaintly are a wild-looking bunch,' I thought."

Página 6

  • Golding Discusses Cubist Revolution
  • Altruistic Student Aids Needy Children
  • Coed Experiences Hardship In Far Eastern Traveling

Pies de Foto

  • Cubism critic -- Dr. John Golding's recently published book "Cubism 1907-1914" is enjoyinh considerable success in artistic circles. The young artist started the volume as a master's thesis at London University.
  • Traveling co-ed -- Helen Feldman missed death by a day at the termination of her time in a Japanese concentration camp in the Philippines.
  • Aids needy -- Marion Adams, a grad student from Ontario, combines her two fields, children's welfare work and arts and crafts, by conducting classes at a local institution for underprivileged children.

Página 7

  • Underwater World Fascinates Cushman
  • Laurent Describes Ascension Of DeGaulle's French Republic
  • Rugged Existence Shapes Cowpuncher's Life Story

Pies de Foto

  • Watery travels -- Skin-diver Cushman finds enjoyment both above and beneath the surface of the sea. He prefers the Turkish waters as they have not been raked over by other divers, but has also practiced his sport in Hawaii.
  • Outdoor life -- Victor Lason is equally at home on a horse, jumping on a plane, or inside a prize flight ring.
  • Spanish Prof. -- Mrs. Gerard Laurent happened to be traveling at a very interesting but nerve-wracking time in Europe. She was in Framce during the fall of the Fourth Republic.

Página 8

  • Freitag, Wall Lead MCC Softball Team
  • MCC Cagers Hope For Tournament Win
  • Embarrassing Defeat Leads Brunner To National AAU Swim Championship

Pies de Foto

  • Solid wallop -- Larry Wall, MCC's slugging catcher, takes few swings in pre-game practice.
  • Nice shot -- Greta Martin shows excellent form as she attempts to send the shuttlecock back over the net. Steve Hoffmann quickly covers to assist, but it is doubtful that she will need help.
  • National AAU swim champ .. What a misfortune! MCC has a swimming champion but not a swimming pool. Dan Brunner, former AAU title holder, brings to MCC an extraordinary record.
  • Scholarly Second Sacker -- Dr. George Sidney holds down the keystone for the Medias Rotas in municipal softball plat. The MCC instructor has participated in a wide variety of sports activities.
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