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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 6.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 12 de febrero, 1960

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  • MCCers Find Significant Ruins In Chiapas Jungle
  • Tlacuilo Symposium Precedes Exhibit
  • Vice President Visits States
  • Set Date For Federal Exam

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  • Strange site -- Anthropology student Gene Dursin poses by a section of the ruins he and his companion were led to by their Lacandón Indian guide, Bor. Bor assured the two young Americans that they were the first white men to see the ruins, which are located deep in the jungles of Chiapas.
  • Modern pathfinder -- John Milton is shown ready to board a chartered plane for Lake Lacanjá, Chiapas, where he and Gene Dursin recently discovered a series of important Mayan ruins.
  • They paint, too -- Faculty members of the art department are engaged in preparations for their show which opens in Saloncito VIII at five this afternoon. Merle Wachter (center) is supervisor of the exhibit, and German Cueto (left) and Fernando Belain (right) are assisting in the general layout of the canvases and sculptures to be displayed.

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  • NDA Weakened By Omission Of MCC
  • Campus Invaded By Army Of Litterbugs
  • Education Must Be Sought
  • Sympathy Offered To Bereaved Wives

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  • Dr. Murray
  • Three hundred years of Spanish rule in Mexico left many impressive monuments as a memento on that time. Churches, palaces, government buildings, all speak of the eye for elegance displayed by the governing classes of the country. The city of Querétaro, some four hours distant from Mexico City, is considered one of the most beautiful and complete colonial cities in Mexico. The illustration shows the entrance to a palace in Querétaro, which was built for the Marquise del Villar. Intricately carved stonework and a heavy oaken door with cast iron knockers in the shape of lion's heads, make of this entranceway a memorable landmark of the city.
  • Grace Pausch

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  • Poets' Symposium Scheduled For Today
  • Three New Members Added To College's Board Of Trustees
  • Cartoonist Jim Potts Profits From Hobby
  • Reynolds Sets World Jet Speed Record

Pies de Foto

  • Makes his own -- James Potts draws cartoons for greeting cards which he markets under the name "Originales Potts".
  • Get underway -- Office holders for the 1960 Winter Quarter in Mexico discuss their plans for the coming months with Marilyn Grubaugh, president of the Mexiohio Society. Miss Grubaugh, second from the right, is seated between WQIM secretary-treasurer Cathy Berry and, on the far right, vice-president Janet Voll. WQIM president Jerry Mollica listens attentively.
  • Strong links -- The appointment of these new members to the Mexico City College Board of Trustees will strenghten relationships between Mexico and the United Stated on an academic and personal level. The new board members are, from left to right, Russell F. Moody, Lic. Adelaida Artola Allen, and Heriberto Vidales.

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  • Writers' Workshop In Oaxaca

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  • Students visit the pottery-making village Azompa, near Oaxaca.
  • Arcades of the Centro patio invite relaxation.
  • Ejutla dancers' spirit stopped show at 1959 Lunes del Cerro.
  • Jigsaw puzzle murals of ancient Mitla provoke keen speculations.
  • Daily concerts in Oaxaca City's plaza create evening color.
  • Mountaintop Monte Albán ruins get inspection, macro and microscopic.
  • Cerro del Lunes dancers for Tehuantepec wear odd garb.
  • Informality marks writing classes held in MCC's Centro de Estudios Regionales near the center of Oaxaca City.

Página 6

  • Texas Co-Ed Here On Sears Scholarship
  • Intense Studying Rewarded
  • Sympathy Offered

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  • Brains and beauty -- Barbara Stegall, co-ed from Dallas is studying here on a $300 scholarship.
  • WQIM winners -- Scholarships for this year's Winter Quarter in Mexico group went to, left to right, Barbara Smith of Kent State; Leda Jane Serey, Ohio State; Carolyn Lake, Michigan State; and Susan Humphreys, Washington State.
  • Golden Bear -- Phi Beta Kappa scholar John Taylor from California is a member of numerous honor societies.
  • Not a gift .. "Education is something a student earns," says Dr. Frank Brandenburg, "and college should teach a person how to live, not how to make a living."

Página 7

  • Fast Rising Actress Doubles As Steno
  • Gifted Denver Family Brightens MCC Scene
  • Jazz Trombonist Favors Classics

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  • Veteran stage actress -- Elizabeth Ann Sheridan has been studying acting ever since she was 13 years of age. She graduated from MCC three years ago and is now working in the admission's office of the college.
  • Group spirit -- The hopkinses gather in front of "La Casita", the family house on wheels. From left to right are Mrs. Donna Hopkins, Bobby, Buddy, Billie, and father Bill, a Denver English instructor.
  • Jazz musician -- Harold Stanton has managed to combine his love of music and love of travel in Europe, the United States, and Mexico.

Página 8

  • Intramural Bowlers Set Blistering Pace
  • Aztecas Hold Second Place; Lose Big One
  • Dried Fish, Rosebuds Sustain Alaskan Adventurers On Yukon River Journey
  • Debut Of Varsity Keglers Marked By High Scores

Pies de Foto

  • Eyes on the ball -- Varsity netman, Mike Henderson, makes a fine volley during team practice at the SCOP Club. Partner Eva Lowgren looks on at left. The two played as a mixed doubles team in last season's matches.
  • Record breaking voyage -- Bob Sliter (far right) and an Alaskan companion chart their course before continuing their journey down the Yukon river from Dawson, Canada, to the Bering Sea in a rubber life raft.
  • Al Nicholson
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