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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 3.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 17 de noviembre, 1955

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  • Dance Program Set for Today By Pat Murphy
  • Play Closes Sunday By Ward Sinclair
  • Plans Underway For Literary Magazine

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  • REHEARSING FOR TODAY'S PROGRAM of basic dance techniques to be presented on the terracq of the main building at 2:30 are these members of the company of the Nuevo Teatro de Danza. The program consists of a series of dance studies arranged by Xavier Francis
  • MEMBERS OF THE cast of Studio Stages' "Bad Seed" are shown above taking a curtain call. From left to right, the actors
    and their roles: Bill Butterfield as Reginald, Morion Barlow as Miss Fern, Bill Kulawske as Emary, Ben Wear (in rear) as Leroy,
    Pat Soule as Christine, Sandra Garcia as Rhoda, Harley Upchurch as Colonel Penmark, Freda Schaeffer as Monica,
    Charles Fahey as Mr. Bravo, George Barrie as Mr. Qaigle and Harland Danforth, the stage manager. Carol Coleman, who
    plays Mrs. Daigle, is not pictured.

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  • Thanksgiving Day Thought
  • President's Desk
  • Remember The Home Folks
  • Presenting Mexico Milla Ruins By Marilu Pease
  • Students See Mexico During Holidays

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  • College Newspaper Aga:in Given Top Quality Rating
  • Explorers Reach Citlaltepetl Summit By Bill Stewart
  • UNESCO Prints Murray Paper

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  • The Story of the Campus And the Story That Surrounds It Text by Fernando Horcasitas, Layout by Charles Burn, Photos by Marilú Pease and Jim Mendelsohn

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  • THREE DESCENDANTS of the Aztec colony, which found refuge in Don Yasco de Quiroga's community, rest under the 16th century portrait of the first man in the New World to found a successful a Utopian colony.
  • IN THE CENTER of the town is Don Vasco's beautifully simple Renaissance church in which the populace of the town still worships. Emblazoned above the columns of the facade is the idealistic Spaniard's coat of arms
  • WHAT REMAINS of the chapel of Hospital del Amor de Dios y Desprecio del Mundo. Under the direction of "Toto Vasco", no one in the colony was allowed to labor more than six hours daily, beggars were unheard of, and the ownership of private property was forbidden.
  • BACK OF THE CHURCH at Santa Fe are miles of ecalptus and trees- a forest where Indians once staged at annual hunts- now a beautiful spot for a quiet afternoon stroll.

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  • Veteran Mexico City Ethnologist Top Expert on Indian Dialects By Ward Sinclair
  • Gandee, Headmaster at South Carolina Military Academy, Praises Alma Mater By Anne Kempton
  • Dean Allen Returns To College Duties

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  • Robert Weitlaner
  • Major Lee Gandee

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  • Mother, Social Worker To Add Teaching to Her Roles By Anne Kempton
  • Indispensable Juan Responsible For All But Lottery Tickets By Jim Monica
  • Grads Get Best Jobs
  • Juan Hernández

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  • THE WHOLE FAMILY-Betty Lewis with her husband, two daughters, son, and three dogs.

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  • Los Chamaquitos Ahead in Eight-Team Bowling League By Bob Byerly
  • Schedule Date for Graduate Exams
  • Briseno Lectures Before Distinguished Scientists
  • Former Art Student Does Research· Here
  • Aztecas Lose Opening Game
  • Dr. Kahl Teaches Here Also Writing Textbook
  • Predictions of Things to Come By Bob Todd
  • Professor-Ambassador Makes Visit To Campus
  • Dr. Martinez del Rio Recovering From Illness
  • New College Handbook To Be Out in January
  • Freak Accident Keeps Mrs. Eisenbach Home


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