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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 7, No 16.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de agosto, 1954

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  • Building Of New Units Continues
  • Award Degree At Graduation On August 20
  • Engman Returns To Coach Aztecas
  • Workshop Will Hold Mexican Fiesta Tuesday

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Talking over how they'll do it, Coach Dave Engman (fourth from left) and some of the Azteca huskies make plans for the forthcoming ball season. Left to right the boys shown include Bob Whitt, Jim Floyd, Manuel Posada, Bob Parra, and Fene Ureta. (Photo by Gloria Fraley).
  • Foto 2: Mexican dancers shown performing at the Rancho del Artista will be part of the entertainment for MCC's Noche Mexicana which will be held on August 17 at the Rancho. (Photo by Gloria Fraley).

Página 2

  • We're All Helping
  • President's Desk
  • Music In Mexico
  • At Home-Abroad

Página 3

  • Occidental President Visits MCC
  • Penn College Director Here
  • Prof. Here From Texas
  • Free Art Film Every Friday
  • Tom Garst Named To Library Post
  • Offer M. A. In Business Ad

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: President Arthur Gardiner coons of Occidental College in California (second from right) visited President Murray recently. Also shown, left to right, Mrs. Coons; Mrs. Alfonso García-Colín; and Rosa María García Colín, winner of the exchange scholarship to Occidental College (Photo by Gloria Fraley).
  • Foto 2: Dr. Joe McElhannon
  • Foto 3: Dancing to the music of Enrique Escalante's orchestra aer some of the 1,500 students and guests who attended the Press Club Ball. (Photo by Gloria Fraley).
  • Foto 4: Tom Garst

Página 4

  • From Pyramids to Skyscrapers
  • Worskhops Study Indian, Colonial, and Modern Mexico

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Bargaining Mexican Styles (left) is a part of the fun and of the learning 100. The bright serape is a very frequent object of bargaining on the part of Workshop students, as well as other Americans.

Página 5

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Ricardo Montalban, fil star (left), chats with Workshop students on the set where he is filming "Sombra Negra", a Mexican production.
  • Foto 2: A flying buttress on the 16th century church of Xochimilco is the object of admiration for these serious summer students. Architecture in its development from India forms through colonial Spanish to modern Mexican is one aspect of Latin American culture taken up in the Workshops.
  • Foto 3: Modern Mexico is exemplified in the skyscraper housing projects being carried out under government sponsorship. The Workshoppers visited the Multifamiliar Presidente Juárez, which has nearly 1,000 apartments and is occupied by government workers and their families.
  • Foto 4: Children of workshoppers were posed in many places and attitudes, but the burro they found ar Cuicuilco was the favorite.

Página 6

  • Lester Epstein To Hold One-Man Art Exhibit
  • Weckmann To Go To Czechoslovakia
  • Home Again After Long Trip Abroad
  • "It's Just a Hobby" Says Author Matilde Rogers
  • Five "Burned Up" After Popo Climb

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Preparing for his fifth one-man show is MCC art major, Lester Epstein shown at work in his rooftop studio. Epstein is displaying his paintings at the Casa del Arquitecto on Calle Vera Cruz.
  • Foto 2: Rosita Zaragosa
  • Foto 3: Looking over her latest book, "Flower Arragements Anyone Can Do Anywhere", is Matilda Rogers, seated on the campus terrace with Ted Robbins, head of the Creative Writing Workshop. (Photo by Gloria Fraley)
  • Foto 4: Alpinistas Don Kollamar, Bill Stewart, Rick de la Camp (who has also climbed the Matterhorn), and Henry Dyches take a break at foot of icicle covered cliff.

Página 7

  • Don Demarest Writes New Book
  • Rosenfield Top Verse Salesman
  • Blanco Teaching at O.S.U.
  • Engman Returns
  • Noche Mexicana

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Loyd Rosenfield
  • Foto 2: Carlos Blanco

Página 8

  • Listen to Whitt's Whispers
  • Music in Mexico
  • Demarest
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