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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. VI, No 2.

México, D. F.

jueves 6 de noviembre, 1952

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Página 1

  • Three Prize Plays Will Be Produced By Studio Stages
  • Sennett And Novo Direct Tempest
  • National Symphony To Feature De Hoyos In Concert Tomorrow
  • Malley Novel In Pocket Edition
  • Workshop Students Participate In Mexico Library Convention
  • Foil Aficionados Organize Club

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Queen of Mexico City College, Esperanza Rene Tenttori, recently chosen queen of queens among candidates for all schools in the city at university level is now candidate for the Pan-American Race Queen, Esperanza was featured guest of honor at the recent Halloween dance sopnsored by the Clases de Inglés.
  • Foto 2: Dr. Luis Weckmann, MCC History professor (second row, center) recent appointee to the Mexican Delegation to the United Nations as Advisor, sits in on the opening session of the General Assembly in New York. Padilla Nervo, Mexican Delegate (hand to mouth, right) holds discussion with another member of the delegation. AP Photo courtesy of Excelsior.

Página 2

  • Where There's Smoke...
  • Out Of Focus
  • From The Dean's Desk

Página 3

  • Night Art, Hobby Classes Beckon "Sunday Painters"
  • Clases De Inglés Adds New Courses
  • Junior Theater Seeking Talent, Technical Aid
  • "Everyday Spanish Has Wide Demand"
  • Alumni Notes
  • Roving Scribes Find Inspiration, Material, And Cash In Far Corners
  • Former Instructors Starting Own Schools

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Documentary photograph by Kosinski, a member of the Art Center class in photography.
  • Foto 2: Student council officers holding an informal executive session in the student lounge are newly elected Sec'y Treas. Dick Long, Chairman Tom Kingsbury, and Vice-Chairman Bob Saunders (L. to R.).

Página 4

  • Texans Active at MCC

Página 5

  • At Home... Abroad
  • Everyman's Guide To "Teacherese"
  • Day of Dead Activities Similar to Halloween

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Instead of pumpkins, edible sugar skulls with shining eyes characterize the Mexican Halloween season, centering around the November 2 Day of the Dead holiday, MCC students Sally Ann Miller of N. Hollywood, Cal., Jacqueline Stoner, of Mexico City, and Alkis Vourvoulias of Chicago are shown choosing their "calaveras" in a local bakery.

Página 6

  • Sharks, Oil Sorrels' Story
  • Mexican Movie Star Takes Classes Here
  • Nurse-Student To Organize School In Aguascalientes
  • Airline Hostess Poohs Glamor Just A Wonderful Job, She Says
  • Scoopette Shader Leaves Deadlines To Study Spanish

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Bill Sorrels
  • Foto 2: Alma Delia Fuentes
  • Foto 3: Hertercene Turner
  • Foto 4: Ellie Rudolph
  • Foto 5: Helen Shader

Página 7

  • Political Straws Seattered By Tempest Over Tuesday
  • At Home...
  • Mystery Of Xochicalco Investigated By MCCers
  • Ruiz At U.S. School
  • Airline Hostess
  • Elsie Weber Injured

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: As The Collegian poll moved along the straw strewn last minute stretch, Audrey Swaney cast her ballot while editor Francis Fraley looked on and at right, with back to camera, Collegian staff artist Dale Harrison caught up on last minute reports in The News.
  • Foto 2: Pedro Armillas, seated facing camera, explains aerial photos of site to students on visit to Xochicalco, Morelos. Background, mounds on hilltop where ancient Indians built pyramids and ceremonial plaza.
  • Foto 3: Anthropology students from MCC and the Escuela Nacional de Antropología inspect stone carvings on the restored pyramid, focus of the ceremonial center at ancient Xochicalco.

Página 8

  • Green Wave Meets University Eleven This Tuesday Night
  • From Where I Sit...
  • Sportsmen Elect Club Officers
  • Aztecas Drop 2nd In Row As Polytechnic Wins, 15 - 0

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: It's the end of the trail for Mexico City College's Antonio Aguilar as he is hauled down from behind by two unidentified Colegio Militar players. The play highlighted but one of the many electrifying moments the jam-packed Olympic stadium crowd saw. The Green Wave was swept back for a 37-22 upset. Aztecans moving in to aid wing back Aguilar are Pat Flechter, extreme left, Al López (52), Joe Rosales (62), and Frank Alaniz (66).
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