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MCC Alumni Review

Vol. 1, No 1.

México, D. F.

jueves 5 de marzo, 1953

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  • June Brings Staff Changes; Dean Murray To Receive LL.D.
  • Writing Center Members Keep Finding Publishers
  • MCC Librarian Awarded Citation
  • Luncheon Set For Alumni in México.
  • Art Center To Hold Bazaar
  • Alumni Group Formed In L.A.

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Administrative staff members of MCC are shown at a reception for Dr. John Elmendorf, newly appointed Academic Dean. Left to right, Vice President and Dean Paul V. Murray, who will succeed Dr. Cain as President; Dr. H. L. Cain, retiring President of MCC; Edmund Murphy, cultural attaché of the U.S. Embassy; and Dr. Elmendorf.
  • Foto 2: Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper, gracious guests at the Press Club Front Page Ball are interviewed by News reporter and MCC student Connie Carmona. At right Lorraine Chanel. The February 21 affair at the beautiful new Rivera Salon was acclaimed as the most successful dance in MCC's history (Mexico City News photo).

Página 2

  • Plea For Alumni News
  • Marriages
  • From The Dean's Desk

Página 3

  • Files Furnish Facets Of Faculty Fortunes
  • Many Alumni Now Raising Families
  • Numerous MCC Graduates Study For Ph.D. Degrees

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: At a reception held recently at the home of Dean and Mrs. Paul V. Murray for the MCC faculty and administration are, front row, left to right, Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, Vera Yamuni, Ana Elena Ogarrío, Carmen Rivas Cherif, Edmund Robins, Evelyn Mosier Foster, Elizabeth Thomas de López. Second row, Dr. John L. Elmendorf, John A. Menz. Third row, Ángel González, Mrs. John L. Elmendorf. Top row, Nicholas Myers, Dr. Henry L. Cain, Dean Paul V. Murray, Amanda Moran de Constantine, Colonel Carlos Berzunza, Dr. Albert W. Bork, Patricia Grávalos, Jaclyn Price, Brita Bowen, Carlos Ortigoza, David Ramsey, María de León Ortega, Merle Wachter, and Dr. Luis Weckmann.

Página 4

  • A Few Of The Campus Marriages

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Norman and María Villanueva Kepley
  • Foto 2: Merle and Elsa Holden Wachter
  • Foto 3: Paz and John O'Boyle
  • Foto 4: Marvin and Chela Jones Ritzman
  • Foto 5: Ángel and Doris Noe González
  • Foto 6: Kurt and Edna Contreras Clancy
  • Foto 7: John and Mary Price Madrid
  • Foto 8: Earl and Patsy Adams Votaw

Página 5

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Frank and Gloria Balbona González
  • Foto 2: Horace and María Louisa Tamborrel Montgomery
  • Foto 3: Buck and Evelyn Reiss Goot
  • Foto 4: Carter and Patricia Ashmore St. John
  • Foto 5: Roger and Alda Zannoni Brothers
  • Foto 6: Eddie and Lorraine Hausfelder García (Photo courtesy Selma Enterprise)
  • Foto 7: Gene and Toni Nigra Lepper

Página 6

  • Five Years With The Art Center
  • MCC Chorus Begun in '51
  • Success in Two Years For Sennett's Players

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Carlos Mérida, internationally known Mexican painter is shown congratulating MCC Art Center Director Merie Wachter at an Art Center exhibit.
  • Foto 2: Rayfred Stevens, right, first president of the Gamma Theta Upsilon, presents the charter of the Alpha Chi chapter to one of its distinguished charter members, Dr. Jorge Vivó, Chairman of the Department of Geography and Geology, recently back from South America where he was head of the survey Project 29 for the Organization of American States.
  • Foto 3: Troy Williams, Kenneth Long, and John Livingston in a scene from "Amphitryon 38", currently playing at the Theatre Hotel Nacional. Long and Livingston are both Mexico City College students while Williams attends the Conservatorio Nacional de Música (Photo by foto-Press).

Página 7

  • Around the World With MCC Alumni

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: MCC Alumni Legionaires of Alan Seeger Post No. 2. From left to right sitting: Ernie Green; Eddie Klein, Post Commander; H. J. Pinckes; and Donald Wormser. Standing: Bob Davis, Burt Gangnon, Viey Gentry, Irvin Cohen, and Conrad Keyes.

Página 8

  • Local Athletic Scene Colorful; Football Most Popular Attraction
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