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Mexico City Collegian - Official Student Publication of Mexico City College

Vol. IV, No 4.

México, D. F.

jueves 7 de diciembre, 1950

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Página 1

  • MCC On The Air Tonight With Premiere Radio Show
  • Xebs Series Opens With "Gadget Factory"
  • Saloncito Art Show To Remain Open
  • Large Cash Awards In Speech Contest
  • 1000 Peso Prize To Best Speech On Mexican Topic
  • Miss Buch To Marry Will Not Return
  • Murray's Stateside Tour Begins In Chicago Today

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Alida Hartmann and Joe Mullins, Studio Stages' actors, discussing with director Abel Franco the script for "The Gadget Factory" which goes on the air tonight.
  • Foto 2: Dean Murray, Dean Bork, Mrs. Lucille Eisenbach and Mr. Barney Collins, who is sponsoring an MCC oratorical contest, discuss details of the event set for late in March.

Página 2

  • Por Que?
  • No Pica Mucho
  • Historical Study By Carlos Bosch-García
  • Television Round Table

Página 3

  • Saloncito Show
  • Briseño Publishers Research Pamphlet
  • A.B. Candidates File For December, March, June Degrees
  • Mesoamerican Notes Off Press This Week
  • Spanish Prof Leaves For New Position
  • Publication Reveals Extensive Discoveries

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Indian picture writring showing a Spaniard speaking in soft, smooth words indicated by speech scrolls engulfed in feathers.
  • Foto 2: Gathered at the opening of the faculty art show, in the Saloncito, the art gallery at Mexico City College are, left to right, front row, José Gutiérrez, Germán Cueto, Lola Cueto, Felipe Orlando, Enrique Climent, and Merle Wachter, art head. Standing rear is Fernando Belain. This exhibition highlights the stature of the Applied Arts Deparment at MCC. The exhibition, which is open to the public, will run to the end of the quarter, closing on December 20.

Página 4

  • Ten Candidates For Master Of Arts
  • Making Tourist Map Hazardous Work Says Isaminger
  • Philatelists Starts New Organization
  • Students And Faculty Shocked By Passing Of Ralph Hatch
  • More Women On College Roster

Página 5

  • Only Red Headed Rumba Band Leader
  • Thumb Nail Sketches Of Art Dept. Personalities
  • Truth Proves To Be Stranger Than Hollywood

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Each student gives his own interpretation of what the pretty model looks like.
  • Foto 2: Fred Schmid, second from end in back row, with the famous Ritz Brothers.
  • Foto 3: Veronica Lake and Frederick Mack in a scene from "Stronghold".

Página 6

  • The Paisano
  • Alumni Group Being Formed
  • Spanish Texts Ordered For Russia, Finland
  • Grad School Dean Finds Wide Stateside Interest In MCC
  • Vélez Aids In UNESCO Library Promotion
  • New English Classes Open Next Quarter
  • Text Adopted In Oregon

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Relaxing in the patio, students from Kiskiminetas Springs School for Boys at Saltsburg, Pennsylvania are shown above as they take time out from intensive study of Spanish. The boys are studying here under the well-known "Kiski Plan" emphasizing concentration on a single subject at a time. Dr. Lloyd Clark, originator of the plan and head of the preparatory school, is shown with the group, here for eight weeks.

Página 7

  • Current Activities In The Arts
  • Powerful Theme, Symbolism In Margaret Shedd's New Novel
  • Book - Ends
  • Multi-Talented MCC Student Works On Several Literary-Art Projects
  • Wisconsin Univ. Will Publish Stafford Article
  • The Rivals

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: One of the illustrations drawn for "Nuptial Songs of a Chinese Village" by Nanying Stella Wong, student at the Writing Center, for the poetry magazine, Number, which recently published her translations of the traditional songs. The scene above depicts the pre-wedding ceremony at the home of a village bride.

Página 8

  • How To Get Lost In A Maze
  • Asides From The Roving Reporter
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