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The Collegian

Vol. 24, No 9.

University of the Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

martes 17 de agosto, 1971

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  • RRR Appointed UA President
  • Visiting Prof To Join UA
  • Wuthenau Expounds New Theory
  • Librarians Meet At UA
  • Computer Center Opens At UA

Pies de foto

  • STELE BEARING STAR-of-David earring and papyrus boat as hat. Pattern partially covering star is thought to be water lines
  • PHYLACTERY IS WORN by Mayan being readied for the sacred ball games. The phylactery is also used in Hebrew rituals, and always wound around the weaker forearm.

Página 2

  • Dr. Lindley Seeks Congressional Aid
  • Letters, We Get Letters

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Página 3

  • Discothec Opens Up
  • UA Alumni ''Do Well'' As Executives
  • Literary Moralist Drops In At The UA
  • SAUA Back On Scene
  • Living Vs. Learning, Week Cut
  • Bureaucracy - UA's Best Organized Activity
  • Action Filled Art Prof´s Past
  • lntercultural Group meets

Pies de foto

  • Mr. Jack Bloom Kubisch, Minister Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, on his left Dr. James Hamon, Chairman of the History and International Relations Department, during a luncheon offered to him by UA a few minutes before·he gave a lecture on US- Latin American relations to a gathering of students. Mr. Kubisch has spent a great deal of time working in Latin America for the US govennent, and so has perhaps a better picture of the real situation than the average person. The conference, given by someone who was personally involved in recent crises faced by the US, was of special interest to students who do not have the opportunity of observing all the ramifications of a crisis in person.
  • GEORGE P. ELLIOT, modern novelist, relaxes after an hour-long reading of his works.
  • Exec. Council
  • Johnson
  • Del Valle
  • Harnack
  • Cevasco
  • Ashwell
  • Perez Rivero
  • Gemoets

Página 4

  • New Methods To Investigate Skeletal Remains
  • Pictures Back Wuthenau's Theory

Pies de foto

  • STERNUM WITH sused Xiphoid process due to old age.
  • LOWER PART OF Sternum (breast - bone) with a perforation.
  • FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Arturo Romano, director of the Museum of Anthropology; Barbara and Raymond Cox and Alejandro Estrada from St. fary's University, examining skull from Tlatelolco.
  • Detail showing the feathers on the Bearded Human Headed Serpents (from a pediment of an archaic temple on the Athenian Acropolis). Illustration from BEFORE COLUMBUS: Links Between the Old World and Ancient America by Cyrus H. Gordon. Crown Publishers, Inc
  • Merchantman from Beit-Shecarim. 2nd-3rd century A.D. (after Patai).
  • Merchantman from Beit-Shecarim. 2nd-3rd century A.D. (after Patai).
  • THE BAT CREEK stone bearing Canaanite inscription and excavated in Tennessee. Illustration from Before Columbus: Links between the old World and Ancient America, by Cyrus H. Gordon. Crown Publishers, Inc
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