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Vol. 23, No 8.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de marzo, 1970

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Página 1

  • UA Joins Metro Excavation
  • Dr. Wachter To Lecture On Folk Art
  • Dance Group Presents First Show of the Season.
  • Art Exhibition Scheduled
  • Marijuana No Game Despite SAUA Info

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: All Together Now – Members of Mrs. Constanza Hool´s Mexican Folk Dance class practice one of the numbers to be performed in the dance show which will be held today at 11 a.m. in the theater. In addition, the Dance Technique class will perform the first part of a four-part choreographic poem entitled Tribu, which Mrs. Hool Choreographed to the music of Daniel Ayala.
  • Foto 2: Burried Treasure – UA anthropology student Miguel Morayta and a National University student display their pleasure at uncovering the black obsidian ball in morayta´s hand which was probably dedicated to the famous aztec ball game. Five UAers are currently assisting in the Metro excavation at the Zócalo.

Página 2

  • Protesting Students Get Diet of Clichés
  • Henry Miller Speaks
  • To Poets
  • UA Community Airs Grievances

Página 3

  • Student Protest Met by Silence
  • Profs Attend Meet With Anthro Expert
  • Coed Craftsman Inherits Leather Working Tradition
  • Program Formed To Aid Village by Judy Wise
  • Sociology Professor Gives Talk

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Clearing The Air – John Middleton (left), commisioner of the Air Pollution Control Association of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and UA Professor Marvin Bank (center) listen intently as visiting Prefessor Reino Randal explains his views on the pollution of the enviroment. Middleton, the world´s foremost authority on air pollution, delivered the keynote speech at the annual meeting of the Mexican Institute of Medicine and later spoke and answered questions on campus about pollution.
  • Foto 2: View From The Top – UA students and friends pause for a moment in the bell tower of the Otomi Indian village of Tlaccotlapilco, where they are giving both practical and spiritual help to the people. From left to right (top row) they are Mrs. Hilda Ramírez; Pancho, the village leader´s son; Gary Vojcodich; Mrs Laura Goodrich; and Eduardo Mayorga. In the bottom row are Armando Limón, Dave Mugridge, Kevin Joyce and Mrs. Rita Faribanks.
  • Foto 3: A Stitch In Time – Jami Cavos, master leather craftsman, saves nine by carefully sewing a new pair of leather pants. In addition to pants, Jami is a specialist in custom-made sandals and shoestrings.

Página 4

  • Yankee Go Home?
  • Paddle-Happy Pros Compete For Kudos
  • Vols Trip Poli Stumble in León
  • Quick As A Cat Coed Says Tennis Is One Big Racquet
  • Art Exhibition...

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Susy Goes Courtin' – Susana Zenea, clay court coed , backhands an opponent's tight corner shot during a practice session. Susana is ranked ninth among México's women tennis players.
  • Foto 2: Pancho Makes His Point – Pancho Solórzano (15), lights up the scoreboard with 2 while colliding in mid-air with a Poli player. Keeping their eyes on the ball are Fred Hare (10) and Greg Bravard (8).
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