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Vol. 22, No 2.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 29 de noviembre, 1968

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Página 1

  • New Campus Construction Begins
  • 'Life' Featuers Painting By UA Professor Belain
  • No Cutback In Aid Funds, Says Nielsen
  • UA Opens Puebla Tech
  • New Program Changes Thesis Requirements
  • 'Puppets' To Present Lorca
  • SAUA Plans 'Speak Out' For Students
  • Creative Writing Center Publishes Fall Quarterly

Pies de foto

  • MURALIST- Prof. Fernando Belain applies Acrylic colors to his mural, which will cover over 300 square feet of wall in the Valvulas Industriales, S.A building, while Victor Cuevas de la Mora paints on a scaffold. Photo by Marta Basave
  • DELICATE CONDITION- Trying to get to the root of his wife´s pregnancy, Bruce Mullinnix questions Cathy Bates as to her questionable fidelity in the UA drama workshop production of "Don Cristobal". Photo by Phil Matteson

Página 2

  • Faculty Evaluation Feasible or Fanciful?
  • The Hunger Myth
  • Prof Can't Blame Agitators; Student Raps Aid
  • 'Something For All'

Página 3

  • Frosh Elect Lilian Fox President
  • Student from India Explains Hindu Religion, Modern Youth
  • Three from Illinois Study Here on Grants
  • Anthro Students Travel To East Mexico Sites
  • Local Frat Celebrates Second Year on Campus
  • Art Exhibit Being Held

Pies de foto

  • FROM BANGALORE- Impressed by what he read about the United States, Arun Alwa persuaded his family to move to New York. After a stay in Edinburgh he is now studying psychology at U.A. Photo by Phil Matteson
  • FROSH LEADER- Dede Fox gained in a special election held recently.
  • ON FIELD TRIP- Anthropology students investigate a Mesoamerican Indian ruin in Eastern México during a recent field trip to many such sites throughout the area.

Página 4

  • Faculty Banned From Student Elections
  • 'Nomad' Giles Recalls Jungles of Venezuela
  • Dr. Lindley Tours U.S.
  • Dr. Xirau Publishes
  • UA Students Study Cinema Techniques
  • Registrars Set To Meet Here
  • Students Comment on Election
  • UA Student In Organ Recital
  • Hodgson Visits Texas Campus

Pies de foto

  • THE WILD LIFE-From jungle fauna to encounters with nationalist guerrillas UA student Kevin Giles has led an unusual and sometimes harrowing life in Latin America and the United States. Photo by Phil Matteson
  • ALWA
  • ONE MAN SHOW- Rodney Ferguson, who recieved btoh his B.F.A and his M.F.A degrees from University of Americas, is now holdign an exhibition of his paints at the Mexican-North American Cultural Institute. Ferguson also studied at te National Art Academy and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. While in México from 1960 to 1967 he studied first at La Esmeralda and later at the University of the Americas. Ferguson is currently living in New Orleans where he is teaching art at Southern University.

Página 5

  • Flag Football Season Begins
  • Six Teams See Action
  • 'Stonemen' Win Opener
  • Puck Star Relates Stories of Ice Life
  • Alpine Club Conquers Snowy Heights of Popo
  • Vols Down Africans

Pies de foto

  • GOING UP- Nick Webster of the Savages goes high into the air to knock down a pass intended for Reid Sinclair of the Delta Sigma Pi´s as Gary Stiger and Larry Newell look on. The game ended ina 6-6 tie.

Página 6

  • UA Team Explores Oaxaca Indian Ruin

Pies de foto

  • ART OF MESSAGE?- This sculptured plaster frieze was discoveres in the patio of a building, that might have been a house, at Lambityeco, Oaxaca. Crafted by Zapotec Indians several centuries ago, this frieze contains glyphs which could represent dates or the names of important personages. In any case it is not just artistic decoration.
  • PART OF THE PANTHEON- The Zapotec ceramist who executed his terra-cotta effigy urn had many gods. This figure is wearing headdress which features the face of Tlaloc, the rain god.
  • OLYPMIC SWIMMER-The figure, part of a plaster frieze from Lambityeco, depicts a wrinkled and bearded man, carrying a bone, perhaps a human femur, in his right hand. It probably does not represent a man swimming or lying down, but was, rather, the only way the artist could fit the figure into the panel.
  • FROM THE GRAVE- This carved stone was brought to light by UA anthropologists excavating at Huahuapan de Leon. It was found in the tomb of a man who belonged to the upper crust of Mixtec Indian society.
  • AFTER THE SHOW- It´s a Mexican archeological tradition that when the job is done the anthropologusts and their workers are grouped for a picture. Shown seated third from left Joe Mogor, former UA studenr, and at the far right is Prof. John Paddock. They have just completed excavations at Huahuapan de Leon in the state of Puebla.
  • CLASSIC ART- The Zapotec Indians reigned in the Valley of Oaxaca for almost a thousand years. They were merchant traders, statesmen, theologians and artisans of high quality. Their art, while more baroque that of the Olmec or Mayan, has, nevertheless, great emotional impact and beauty.
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