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Vol. 20, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 27 de octubre, 1966

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Página 1

  • Six Ph.D's Among Thirteen New Faculty Members At University
  • Fambrough Exhibition Set To Open Tonight
  • Lorna Stafford Bequest Goes For Scholarships
  • Dr. Nielsen Gives Address At Fall Term Convocation
  • Riddle Given Post Of Academic Dean
  • Fund Drive Pledges Exceed Original Goal
  • Enrollment Increases Ten Percent

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Administrators And Dignitaries – Dr. Otto R. Nielsen, Dirctor of Human Resources for the Alliance for Progress in Guatemala addresses the fall convocation on "America's Equation of Progress". Also on the platform are Dr. Bruce Riddle, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Reverend John R. Jones of Christ Church; His Excellency H. F. Feaver, Canadian Ambassador to Mexico; and Joe Sharp, first vice-president of the UA Board of Trustees.
  • Foto 2: Forward-Looking Dean – Dr. Bruce Riddle, new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, schedules duties in his busy curriculum as academic advisor and chairman of UA's education department.

Página 2

  • Professor Advocates Dynamic Role For Today's University
  • Coed From India Comments On Hinduism, Mahatma Gandhi Ideas, Native Dances
  • Childhood Dreams Shed Light On Goals Of Maturity
  • Traditional Ceremonies Honor Dead

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Punjabi-Clad – New Delhian student, Usha Rani Vyaslulu wears regional garment.
  • Foto 2: Tradition Observed – Families flock to the cementeries on the annual holidays "Dia de Todos los Santos" and "Día de los Muertos" to decorate the graves and honor the dead.

Página 3

  • Rodgers Announces Night Class Changes
  • Art Students Display Works
  • Joysmith Exhibits Acrylic Compositions
  • Dr. de Rivas Publishes
  • Fireside Plans Events, Elects Fall Officers
  • Lopez Heads International Relations Club
  • History Text Includes Essays By Greenleaf
  • Lichtszajn Appointed Dean Of Students
  • Religious Club Reorganizes
  • Acuña Returns From Global Healtli Tour
  • Smoker Held By Delta Mu
  • AMA Recognizes Health Service

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Artist-Author – Toby Joysmith applies fast-drying acrylic paint to one of his textured collages featured in a current exhibition at Amor Gallery.
  • Foto 2: Open Door Policy – New dean of students José Lichtszajn urges students to notify him of problems, suggestion, and gripes.

Página 4

  • Explorer Acquires Tropical Menagerie
  • University Institutes Phys Ed Program
  • Lucas Teaches Art Of Foil, Epee, Sabre
  • All-State Athlete Coaches At UA
  • New Student Dean...

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Body Bulding – Coach Morris Williams instructs freshmen in the techniques of physical fitness.
  • Foto 2: From Dinner To Diner – Herpetologist Tom Stubbs prepares Sam for one of his six annual meals. The pet boa constrictor, rescued from the jaw of a larger snake, now lives comfortably on a dicr of chicken and mice.
  • Foto 3: William Tells – Learning the fine points of archery, these bow and arrow enthusiasts aim at making a bull's eye.
  • Foto 4: Physically Fit – Mel Cummings is assistant to Coach Williams in UA's ner physed program.
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