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Vol. 17, No 6.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 14 de febrero, 1964

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Página 1

  • Thespians Announce New Theater Plan
  • Non - Smokers Eligible For Essay Contest
  • Gordon Sweet Visits Campus
  • UA Alumnus Participates In Excavation
  • Clubs Offer Conversation Opportunity
  • Prof. Studies Under Grant
  • Student Government Fiesta Slated For Garibaldi Square
  • Tajan, Golub Show Works

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Planning Garibaldi Fiesta – Are members of the Student Council, Terry McEvoy, Bill Dyer, Corinne Connor, and Susi Forbes. The quarters traditional all-University function will be held at Tlaquepaque in Garibaldi Plana giving students a glimpse of a typical Mexican nightspot.
  • Foto 2: Artist At Work – Shown are Tacey Tajan on tire left and Nancy Golub. UA art students completing paintings for their upcoming exhibit. The works of the girls will be exhibited in the campus gallery Saloncilo VIII through March 6.

Página 2

  • U.S. Higher Education Facing Academic Crisis
  • Popular Myths Attacked By Renowned Commentator
  • Equestrian Phobia Finds UA Victim
  • Latin America Stabilized By Military Government

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Presenting Mexico: Children's Library In Ajijic — Long before aid to underdeveloped areas throughout the world became official under buch names as the Peace Corps, Alianza para el Progreso and others, Americans living abroad have been taking an active inter est in those among whom they live, and offering effective aid in an unpublicized manner.

Página 3

  • Prof's Work Exhibited At Downtown Gallery
  • Director Of Housing Off ice Relates Varied Experiences
  • Outdoor Art Show Of Student's Work To Be Held On UA Campus
  • Twenty-Two Students Listed By Bidwell
  • Four Pledged By Fraternity
  • All Students Elegible For VA Exhibit
  • Officers Chosen

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Always Helpful — Mrs. Margaret Martinez de Alva personally inspects and approves all living accommodations for UA students. Her interesting and cosmopolitan life as wife of a diplomat holds many remembered
  • Foto 2: Representing UA Scholars — Members of the most recent Dean's List shown are Gloria Schon, Ann Schiff, Linda Furman, Carol F. Mason, and Geofrey D. Schuller. The qualifying grade point average for this academic achievement is 3.2.
  • Foto 3: Putting The Final Touch — Raphael Samuel, UA sculptor from Trinidad, finishes a small work for his outdoor exhibition here that opens February 24.

Página 4

  • Smokejumpers Tell Summer Adventures
  • Four Teams Vie For First And Second
  • World Traveler Attends UA
  • Federal District All-Stars Down Cagers By Small Margin
  • Sports Sketches

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Adventurers — Shown are (left) Ray Korkalo and Douglas Daniels, winter quarter students. Their lives have been enriched by the jobs that they held as snrokejumpers during the IBSt two summers
  • Foto 2: Retired – On the UA campus there are several long-time members of the armed forces; one of these is Fred Wimberly who is now in his sixth quarter.
  • Foto 3: Practice Makes Success — Hugo Lezama (left) and Bob Knight run through a shuf fie play during a practice session at tire YMCA. Using the advanced shuffle system the Aztecas have been able to successfully compete with such top names as the Federal District All Stars.
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