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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 16, No 3.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

lunes 3 de diciembre, 1962

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  • No Beards Beginnig Next Term
  • 'Streetcar' Opens Thursday
  • Frosh Plan First Dance
  • Yule Season To Commence With Posada
  • Forreign Trade Center Initiates New Executive Training Program
  • Fund Campaign Progressing

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  • MARRIAGE PROPOSAL-High drama is portrayed in this sixth scene of A Streetcar Named Desire, this quarter's Drarna workshop major production on campus. Blanche Du Bois (played by Betsy Giger) reproaches the starryeyed Harold Mitchell (played by James McGann) in the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Tennesse Williams. Performances are on December 6, 7, and 8.
  • CAMPUS VISlTORS above are some of the 100 American High School seniors who were guests of MCC recently. After President Lindley welcomed the group, the students were given a tour of MCC's campus and served a snack on the terrace. There was great interest shown among the seniors about MCC's programs of study.

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  • World Peace Viewed As Man's Own Choice
  • Individual Rights Imply Personal Responsibilities
  • Wachter Urges Mural, Asks 'A Wall ls A Wall?
  • Conservative Defines Views
  • Salinger Novel Portrays Mentally Superior Youth
  • Extensive Variety Of Books Indicates Individual Preference In Reading

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  • Souto Will Publish Two Spanish Books
  • Veteran Journalists Discuss Experiences As European Editors
  • MCC Alumnus Quits Business Life To Become Clergyman
  • Prexy Attends U. S. Meetings

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  • ARMY DAYS - Larry Wycoff, standing, displays a copy of Periscope to Tom Thebus. The paper is the one Larry wrote for an editorial while in France. Tom Thebus, a close friend of Larry's was editor of the Transporter, the newspaper of the Red Ball Express Army trucking units.
  • SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR-Arturo Souto is well known in Mexico for his excellent fiction writing and probing literary analysis. He is currently finishing two literary treatises which will soon be published.
  • BACK IN MEXICO - After an eight year absence, Ace Butterfield has returned to Mexico. Butterfield left Mexico in order to fill an executive position with an advertising agency, and now is back to complete his bachelor's degree before entering Divinity school. Butterfield intends to become an Episcopal priest, fulfilling his wish to serve God. Shown are the Butterfields and their four children.

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  • Frances Brewer Sees Need For Libraries in Latin America
  • MCCers Revive Fencing Club, Members Display Enthusiasm
  • Bowlers Start Final Phases
  • By George ...
  • Softball Team Begins Action

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  • EAGER FOR LEARNING-Seeing the need for education of others, Mrs. Francis B1ewer complies with a primary requisite preparing herself in order to help others. Mrs. Brewer's plans include an interesting library proposal.
  • EN GARDE - During a recent practice of the newly received MCC Fencing Club, George Mulford and Glenna Carter practice the en garde position. Watching from a distance are Steve Handley and Susan Cerdán, also members of the club.
  • AIMING HIGH - Ione Holeman, one of the top woman bowlers this quarter, is striving for high honors.

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