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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 12, No 8.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 23 de abril, 1959

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  • Artist Prepare Fot Tenth Anual Student Sow
  • International Flavor Seen On Increase
  • U. S. Job Tests Likely Here In May
  • Register Cars Now Warns Hernandez
  • Gonzalez To Address Club On Literature
  • Art Club Exhibits Best Photographs

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: New people on the MCC campus got together after their first orientation meeting recently. The site was a "mixer" given by the college so that the new students this quarter would have a chance to get to know each other and some of the old hands. From left to right are Sandra Armstrong, Susan Beattie, Dee Barlow, Virginia Hamilton, Ted Hayes and Yolanda Ceballos, member of the welcoming committee.
  • Foto 2: The final touch is being added by MCC students to their work in preparation for the tenth annual Mexico City College Student Art Show. The exhibition starts on May 11, and will last until June 6. Shown (left to right) are Dave Routon, Louise Kruttschnitt, Sandy Scott and Sue Ellis. In the background is Frank Ferraina.
  • Foto 3: Toby Joysmith, MCC art instructor, and 'Pete' Smith (right) look over some of the pictures now on display in Saloncito VIII. The exhibition, sponsored by the Tlaquilo Art Club, is a collection of the best work from photo classes over a period of seven years.

Página 2

  • Present Era's Objectivity Defends Ignorance Of Man
  • Texas Association Meeting Deals With Problems Concerning MCC
  • Presenting Mexico
  • ''Dicho'' Often As V aluahle As Thousand More Clever Remarks

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Aguascalientes, an unusually quiet, peacefull town in Northern Mexico, comes gaily awake in the spring. . . . . Starting on April 18 and continuing until May 10, it hosts thousands of visiters who come to enjoy the annual Fair of St. Mark's. One of Mexico's most beautiful songs, La Feria de las Flores, was inspired by this event.

Página 3

  • Officials Report On Houston Conference
  • Yearly Search On For Delta Sig Rose
  • Robins Discusses Problems Involved In Publication Of Literary Magazine
  • Wachter Presents Lecture On Ancient Aspects Of Modern Art
  • Deans Attend Annual Registrars' Meeting
  • Rodgers Speaks At Newman Club Meet
  • International Club To Hear Gilmore

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Nadia Stankovitch
  • Foto 2: Just before leaving Dean Elizabeth T. de Lopez and Dr. Frank B. Savage pose for the Collegian camera. The two deans are attending the 45th annual meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers in Pittsburgh.
  • Foto 3: This piece of artistry in stone, "Venus of Lespugue," is a product of the Paleolithic Age and depicts the female figure as a voluptuous fertility symbol, illustrating the timelessness of art.
  • Foto 4: "Standing woman", completed in 1932 by the French sculptor Gaston Lachaise, dramatically illustrates the stylistic parallels between Stone Age and 20th century sculptors.

Página 4

  • Oaxaca Area Captivates MCC Writers

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Waiting for the rest of the group to get ready for an afternoon tour Jack Natkin, Harry Gaysinski and Jorge Sulkin talk over the morning's visit to the ruins of Monte Albán.
  • Foto 2: Bill Newman and Faith Foss are caught in a dreamy mood as they rest for a moment in the Centro patio.
  • Foto 3: The last day of the stay finds the writing group engaged in exhibiting a collection of souvenirs purchased during their visits to the markets of Oaxaca. Busily arranging things, left to right, are Jorge Sulkin, Bobby Bock, Harry Gaysinski, Jeri Wilson, Jack Natkin, Baron Levin, Jesse Snyder, Janice Woodard, Bill Newman and Faith Foss.
  • Foto 4: Meal-time after a day of tramping a dusty village or climbing pyramids the size of small mountains seldom finds anyone missing.
  • Foto 5: In a short-story analysis class in the library of the Centro, the student group gives hard thought to Katherine Anne Porter's María Concepción. At the table, from the left, are Baron Levin, Jesse Snyder, James Woodard, Faith Foss, Bill Newman, Creative Writing Instructor, Jerry Olson, Bobbie Boch, Harry Gaysinski, Jack Natkin and Jeri Wilson.

Página 5

  • Oaxaca Area Captivates MCC Writers

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: One of the major sights to see in Oaxaca is El Árbol del Tule, shortly beyond the city limits. Impressed with the huge tree, the biggest and oldest in the world (144 feet high and standing 1,400 years before Columbus discovered America) are, from left to right, Jorge Sulkin, Bill Newman, Baron Levin, Bobby Bock, Faith Foss, Jack Natkin and Harry Gaysinski.
  • Foto 2: An early morning excursion to the archeological zone of Mitla finds members of the writing group still sleepy after a hurried breakfast. Leaving the entrance to the Centro, from the left are Baron Levin, Jack Natkin, Mary Ann Scholes, Jeri Wilson, Bobbie Boch, Harry Gaysinski, Jess Snyder and Jorge Sulkin.
  • Foto 3: The church of Santo Domingo, directly behind MCC's Centro, seems to be a good photo subject from every angle, and Jesse Snyder is trying it from the roof above the patio.
  • Foto 4: The Frissel Museum at Mitla is a must for every visitor to that city. Held in fascination by on exhibit of fine stone carvings are Barbara and Leo Stutzin and Manuel Mejia. Over the display case are reproductions of paintings, the finest so far found in Monte Albán, from a burial chamber classified as Tomb 105.
  • Foto 5: One of the most beautiful churches in the Western Hemisphere, La Soledad, was erected in honor of the patron saint of Oaxaca. Here the interior is shown during Mass.

Página 6

  • Students Survey Monte Alban's Massive Stone Pyramids And Ancient Structures
  • Writers Meet Famous Citizen Of Oaxaca

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Relics of the past prove a fascinating sight for Jeri Wilson as she stores into the tomb at Monte Albán which was excavated by MCC anthropology students.
  • Foto 2: Over one hundred thousand carefully cut stones cover the facade and the walls that surround the patio of this prehispanic building at Mitla. The effect is technically perfect and, according to archeologists, must have required a tremendous amount of tail to construct. Left to right are Jack Natkin, Baron Levine, Marianne Scholes, John Paddock, Harry Gaysinsky, and Manuel Mejia.
  • Foto 3: Ruins ruins ruins as for as the camera eye can see. The building pictured is one of the several' pyramids at Monte Albán which were religious purposes and stand as impressive testimony to the post greatness of the early habitants of the valley of Oaxaca.
  • Foto 3: Ninety-year-old Dona Petronilla has been the source of much important information regarding Mitla. Unlike many of the inhabitants of the town, she speaks Spanish as well as Zopotec. With her is John Paddock. co-counselor of MCC's Anthropology Department.

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  • Flight South Brings Student Adventure
  • Federal Aid Act Discussed
  • Register...
  • La Musica: El Embajador Que no Admite Fronteras
  • Texas Association Meeting...
  • Ruiz Defends Worth Of 'Useless' Studies

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Dave Richardson points out the route of his air journey from Mexico to Panama. has just returned to MCC after working for on American firm in Panama.
  • Foto 1: "Beavers have fine engineers, but no writers," says Roberto Ruiz, Madrid-born philosopher, who is back on the MCC faculty ofter six years of teaching in the United States

Página 8

  • Night At Casablanca Provokes Stalemate
  • Aztecs Top Leaders In Surprising Upset
  • Varsity Knots League Leader
  • Athletic Historian Watches Grace Grace Ranier' s Court
  • Hoopmen Knock Down Major Varsity Victories
  • Player Loses Bode Trouble For Net Club

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: And away we go, as unidentified players leap for the coveted ball in recent basketball action. The Aztecas have been on the winning trail recently taking three out of their lost five encounters.
  • Foto 2: History Major and globe-trotting ex-serviceman Ed Eglinton divides time between college athletics and large text books. Ed was the only enlisted man at Grace Kelly's royal wedding.
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