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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 12, No 3.

jueves 27 de noviembre, 1958

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Página 1

  • New Directory Gives Graduate Information
  • Drama Workshop May Produce Script By Student
  • Thanksgiving Celebrated Today On College Campus
  • Former First Lady Lauds Foreign Study
  • Lauerman Takes Leave of Absence
  • To Make Choices For Who's Who
  • Reynolds To Be Guest On Campus

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Turkey in the hand and Thanksgiving on their minds, Ginger Lewis and Georgie Ann lttig make their preparations for the big day. The turkey refused to give his name. For those who weren't able to find turkeys of their own, there will be a Thanksgiving dinner here on the MCC campus, from one till two in the afternoon. The feed will also help make up for the fact that there will be classes at MCC on Thanksgiving Day
  • Foto 2: Seated admist the hustle and bustle of one of her many news conferences Eleanor Roosevelt explains her views on Inter-American relations. She recently spent a very busy two days in Mexico City on her first visit here.

Página 2

  • Violence, Fanaticism Do Not Solve Racial, Social Issues
  • Prexy Lauds Meet, U.S. Embassy
  • Little Man On Campus
  • Presenting Mexico
  • Thinks Prof Lacks Sound Interpretation Of Education

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Turkeys For Thanksgiving

Página 3

  • Menon Compares India, Mexico At International Relations Club
  • Sales Club Board Holds Luncheon
  • MCC Wives' Club To Meet Weekly
  • MCC History Group Returns From Texas
  • Art Organization Formed Recently.
  • Dead Sea Scroll Talk Given By Bidwell

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Several members of the International Relations Club are deep in a discussion prompted by the talk of T. G. Menon (right) an Indian foreign policy. From left to right are Alice Murray, and Alma Reed.
  • Foto 2: A hand-shake for the president and smiles all around seem to indicate the success of the recent founder's day dance of Delta Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. From left to right are: William Rogers; George Zeolla; Dean Woods; Bruce MacDonald and Joe Picadillo.

Página 4

  • The Writting Center Story

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Informality is a rule rather than an exception among writers, in ond out of the classroom. Here, instructor Jerry Olsen conducts a class in the open with (left to right) John Revett, Scotty Dial and Ray Hanson.
  • Foto 2: Field trips covering Yorious aspects of the Mexican scene and Mexican culture pre often integrated into the Center program. Here, the 1958 summer group visih the ruins at Monte Albcin, Oaxaca. From left to right are Fay Fuqua, Ruth Harmer and Ted Robins.
  • Foto 3: V. I. P. in the classroom. Novelist Norman Mailer (The Naked and the Dead; Deer Park) was a 1953 lecturer. Pictured above are (left to right) Moiler, Ted Robins, True Bowen (former bullfight columnist for the News), and Richard Haymon.
  • Foto 4: Manuscript discussions often go on out of the classroom in the atmosphere of a writer's community. Talking things over are Bob Gardiner, John Revett and Dick Gaillard.

Página 5

  • The Writting Center Story

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: When students read their manuscripts in class, the deeply moved, maybe long-gone, gaze apparent on the listening critics' attitudes. Seated (back) are instructor Jerry Olsen, Billy Wood and Wayne Bierer. At the front are Marianne Schools and Gerd Myron.
  • Foto 2: In the fish-bowl classroom, a typical after-hours discussion may deal with the greatness of Joyce, the problems of character building, or, more simply, the prospects for a night on the town. Seated here are Polly Merwin and Dick Gaillard.
  • Foto 3: The writing "stint"-n exercise in writing from stimulation under pressure is used as a final examination in Center classes. Above at front are Suzanne Strabley (with back to camera) and Virginia Mann. At the back are Gail Elcomb, Wayne Bierer and Bruce Phau.
  • Foto 4: Before the workshop, a session of student manuscript readings, class members get acquainted informally. On the subsequent mutual criticism, a "no holds barred" rule applies.

Página 6

  • Carmen Finds Appeal In Mexican Culture
  • MCC To Present Lecture Series
  • Prexy Lauds Meet...
  • Delta Sig Initiates New Pledges
  • Beatniks Searching For New Meanings

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Pert and serious Carmen Hellinger seems to be thinking about her coming trip to Geneva in the spring where she'll study to be an interpreter.

Página 7

  • San Alfonso Angel Runs kitchen Clinic
  • Velez Comments On Travelling In States
  • Former Translator Now Inspiring Teacher Of ''Everyday Spanish''
  • Haws To Hold Botany Class

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Kathleen Dominguez
  • Foto 2: Rafael Velez, MCC's associate librarian, has traveled widely and served abroad with the U. N.
  • Foto 3: Paloma Gaos

Página 8

  • Student Takes Long Walk On Short Pier
  • Batmen Open Saturday
  • Collegian Reproduces Column Of Travis On Grid Classic
  • Netters On Even Keel For Sunday Encounter

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Herbert von Bargen
  • Foto 2: Ready and waiting is MCC manager-pitcher Ken Postert who hopes to make such easy outs when the softball team opens the new season Saturday at the Y.M.C.A. diamond.
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