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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 20 de octubre, 1955

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  • Improvement of Campus Includes Building Program By Pat Kart
  • New Tuition Policy Set
  • Clases de Ingles Schedule Dance
  • Fall Registration Figures Show Record Enrollment By Bill Stewart
  • Collegian Editor Gets Texas Post
  • Summer Diggings at Yagul: Successful Despite Rains
  • Art Instructor To Visit States

Pies de foto

  • A STUDENT COUNCIL-sponsored open house, held during the first week of classes, formally initiated another season for the Student Center. A group of new students is shown here in front of the Center. Left to right: Charles Sherrell, Juan de la Selva, Kitty Guerrero, Cristina Villavicencio, Thomas O'Brien, Tom Wynn, Cristel E. Holschneider, Ronald Carpenter, José Manuel Duprat. Photo by Marilú Pease
  • PART OF MEXICO City College's record-sized freshman class is shown leaving the auditorium after receiving an orientation from President Paul V. Murray and other prominent campus figures Photo by Paul Durege

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  • Readjustment Time
  • President's Desk
  • Floods Fail to Halt MCCers By Bob Byerly
  • Presenting Mexico By Marilu Pease

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  • Acapulco

Página 3

  • "The Bad Seed" Broadway Thriller, Opens Here Nov. 15 By Ward Sinclair
  • Ramsey Faculty Designs Lounge
  • President Murray Welcomes Students
  • Aim of Student Council To Encourage Activity
  • Virginia Quarterly Sets Up Contest

Pies de foto

  • THREE OF THE female leads in the Studio Stages' production of "The Bad Seed" go over their parts during rehearsal. They are (left to right): Carol Coleman, Freida Schaeffer and Sandra García. Photo by Paul Durege
  • DISCUSSING STUDENT COUNCIL plans with Rosita Garza (center), chairman of the Council, are Marisol Martín Moreno, secretary: and Bill Stewart, vice president.

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  • El Día de los Muertos By Anne Kempton Sketches and Layout By Charles Burns, Photos By Nacho López

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  • WINDING from Lake Pátzcuaro to the top of a little hill in Janitzio is a graveyard, famous throughout México for its reverent and impressive Day of the Dead ceremonies
  • FLOWERS are arranged on a family grave in Tlalpan, prior to a religious vigil.
  • INDIANS gather by the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro to offer food and song to their departed loved ones.
  • WHOM DO THEY MOURN by candlelight - a husband, a father, a son?
  • DANCING skeletons sold on a street corner mark the beginning of Dia de los Muertos celebration in México City.

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  • Rapacious Reptiles Rout Startled Mailroom Girls By Bob Byerly
  • D. A. R. Hears Pres. Murray
  • MCCers Report on U.S.

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  • MAN IN TIME - THE GRAPHIC RECORD, the Art Department's current show which presents a condensed view of the forms in which man has depicted himself from earliest times to the present is viewed by these newcomers to Mexico City College, left to right, Sue Barnett, Bey Boerresen (seated), Kathy Page and Susie Kimble.

Página 7

  • MCCer Boyd Trades For Bull-Ring With Theater Success By Anne Kempton
  • Climbers Begin On Short Trips
  • Dr. Yamuni in Africa on Leave
  • Exam Scores Available
  • Dean Davis on Vacation

Pies de foto

  • JERRY BOYD, Mexico City College's actor-turned-bullfighter, takes a vuelta following his first "kill", at El Cortijo ring in Colonia Romero Rubio.

Página 8

  • Los Chamaquitos, Angelitos Take Early Bowling Lead By Dave Cooper
  • Full Athletic Program Carded for MCC Sportsmen By Neale McCord
  • New Sports Director Takes Over Post at MCC
  • The Nature of Unfinished Busines By Bob Todd
  • Fencers Stage Demonstration
  • Extensive Program Golf Slated

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  • DR. CHARLIE A. LINDLEY, new intramural sports director, bowls for faculty team.
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