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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 7, No 8.

México, D. F.

jueves 11 de febrero, 1954

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  • Story of Growth Of "New Yorker" Told to Writers
  • Publicity Display Wins in Calif.
  • Anthro Group Uncovers "Firsts" In Cuilapan Atea
  • Two Dances Scheduled for February Social Calendar
  • Librarian Attends Chicago Meeting
  • Two More Titan Journalists On T.I.P.A. Panel

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Rompers, pigtails, and all kinds of youngsters' garb will be worn ar the "Little Boy-Little Girl" dance set for this Saturday evening ar the Salón Rivera locared at Cuahutemoc and División del Norte. Ready to revert to the days of their childhood are Lorraine Breitmeyer and Mary Ann Ruhl with a boy friend. (Paul Durege Photo).
  • Foto 2: Janet Pear, winter quarter in Mexico student (extreme left) from Cleveland, Ohio and a junior at OSU was chosen last week by the MCC Student Council as the College's candidate for queen of the gala Mardi Gras ball to be held February 27 at the Mexico City Country Club. Other aspirants for the candidacy were (l to r) Windi Flightner, Carol Young, and Lenore Renna. The theme of this year's lustrious Potentate of Anezeh Temple. Invites for the costume event are available at the Shriners' office on Plaza Santos Degollado. (Marilú Pease Photo).

Página 2

  • Abe Lincoln... Friend Of Mexico
  • Books In Review
  • President's Desk

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: "Oh, I've only been here five or six weeks... the place sort of grows on you."

Página 3

  • Zamora Receives Position With U. N.
  • Free Movies For All Students Every Tuesday
  • Name Weckmann Dean's Assistant
  • Inter-American Society Visits Local Embassy
  • Student to Hold Art Show in Cal.

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Visitinf the U.S. embassy in Mexico, students hear Dr. Robert G. Caldwell, cultural advisor to the Ambassador. Among the large group who took advantage of the opportunity to learn how a U.S. embassy functions are (first row, left to right) Mary Ann Ruhl, Bob Sudyk, Harold Stein, Hugh Mortashed (second row), Lorraine Breitmeyer, Dr. James P. Tharp, and John Hapner. (Paul Durege Photo).
  • Foto 2: Pedro Zamora, MCC associate librarian, is building goodbye to Ranulfo Trejo, reference librarian. Zamora has been appointed director of the library of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America. (Marilú Pease Photo).
  • Foto 3: Guernsey Fors, left, and Art Center instructor David Ramsey conduct tests of pigments on a color wheel. Ford is preparing a Master's thesis on the proper use of modern materials in contemporary art. (Marilú Pease Photo).

Página 4

  • The Moment of Truth

Página 5

Página 6

  • Jackson, Photo And Craft Instructor, Joins Art Dept.
  • "Fabulous Ancestor" Lauded By Critics
  • Good Neighbor '53

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: H. M. Jackson (Paul Durege Photo)
  • Foto 2: Juanita Borbolla

Página 7

  • Francisco Cuevas Brings Rich Background To MCC
  • Plane Crashes Into Chandlers' Home
  • Ruth Kaner Plans Student Variety Show
  • Thespian Patsy O'Gorman Plans Intensive Training

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Francisco Cuevas Cancino, currently teaching a course in Mexican-American Diplomatic Relationships and author of a number of historical studies, is explaining his ideas on the Good Neighbor Policy to interviewer, Eddie Rosenfeld. (Paul Durege Photo).
  • Foto 2: Ruth Kaner
  • Foto 3: Patsy O'Gorman

Página 8

  • From Lagunilla to Chapultepec Park
  • Joseph Matluck Teaching Spanish at Northwestern
  • The Mitla Ruins
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