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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 7, No 11.

México, D. F.

martes 20 de abril, 1954

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Página 1

  • MCC Welcomes Texas Journalists
  • Front Page Ball On Friday Climaxes Conference Schedule
  • Art Center Faculty Plans Four Week Exhibit In Lounge
  • Preparations For School Picnic Being Completed
  • Registration Ends Today

Página 2

  • TIPA Delegates Foster Good Will
  • Music In Mexico
  • At Home - Abroad
  • President's Desk

Página 3

  • Grad Of The Week: John Menz, Versatile Prof, Has Colorful Backgroud
  • Texas College Journalists Arrive For Convention
  • TIPA Judges Cream Of Crop
  • 51 Candidates For June Sheepskins

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Popular guest is Reg Margarity who entertained briefly at a recent student party where Patty Saunders, Ann Waterman, Bonnie and Bob Young, Barbara Miller, Dorothy and Al López were amused by the ambulating organist.

Página 4

  • American Indians In Mexico

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Only part of the Wickiups of thw Kickapoo village are shown in this air view taken from one of the high hills which surround the fertile valley in which the Indians live.

Página 5

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Even the youngest Kickapoo feels undressed without his bow and arrow.
  • Foto 2: Hands cupped to his mouth this young brave, (right) speaks to his girl with a special whistle language used by young people.
  • Foto 3: Tall, bronze-colored and proud, this agin Kickapoo's features (right) are typical of those of the other members of his tribe.
  • Foto 4: The wife of the chief chops wood just like any other female in the tribe.
  • Foto 5: This old man (above), one of the few members of the group able to speak any Spanish, acted as Peterson's translator during the anthropologist's visit to the Kickpoo village.

Página 6

  • Foreing Ministry Service Will Send Rice To Bolivia
  • New Plan In Mail Room
  • Campus Clubs Offer Many Activities
  • Bachrach Elected To Head Spring Council
  • Malley Now In Florida Teacher
  • Students Explore Zihuatanejo Area

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Lutheran minister the Rev, Edward Rice and his wife look over their Spanish books in the patio between classes.
  • Foto 2: Louis Bachrach

Página 7

  • Here's Why You Don't Need To Know The Language
  • Some True Confessions On Learning Spanish
  • Noted Editor To Teach Here For Summer Session
  • Firecrackers Boom On Day of Santa Cruz

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: "You should have seen her. She was bee-ooo-tiful...
  • Foto 2: I don't want you to think that I'm cheap but...
  • Foto 3: I asked her to split a coke. She accepted...
  • Foto 4: You see, I'm temporarily out of funds...
  • Foto 5: said, 'Just a second, luscious one...
  • Foto 6: I tell you, fellow, I got a raw deal...
  • Foto 7: There's one minor detail worrying me...
  • Foto 8: It seems she had heart that one before. She left me flat."

Página 8

  • MCC's Los Huehues Hold Second Place In City Bowling League
  • Tourney Open To All Students
  • Low Percentage Of Lost Books

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: In second place in a Mexico City-wide bowling league are Los Huehues. Sitting is Arnold Saucedo; standing (left to right) are Chuck Parkyn and Harley Outten.
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