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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 6, No 8.

México, D. F.

jueves 23 de abril, 1953

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Página 1

  • Studio Stages Presents Prize Plays Tomorrow Night
  • Ministry Sends Library Chief
  • Fencers Compete In National Event
  • MCC Students Attend TIPA Conference Today
  • Pan Am Requests Murray Paper

Pies de foto

  • The cast of "The Return of Arthur", first-prize winning one-act play by writing center dramatist Marjorie Zumwalt, pose for the photographer during an early rehearsal. Left to right, they are Kenneth Long, Peggy Finnell and Dale Wilson.
  • Robert Mitchum, center, his wife, seated left, and Abel Fernández, seated right, who were among the guests at the Student Council spring mixer for the benefit of Boys Town on April 17. Mitchum gave one thousand pesos, and Palance, another guest, and RKO each gave five hundred to boost the total to almost five thousand for the orphan's benefit (Photo by Gloria Fraley).

Página 2

  • A Way Of Self Expression
  • Two Holidays Next Month
  • Recent Readings
  • From The Dean's Desk

Página 3

  • Boy Takes Shine To Patio Loafers
  • Student Council Elects Officers
  • Progress Made In Little Known "Olmee" Area
  • MCC Prof. To Be Ambassador

Pies de foto

  • Dr. and Mrs. Salvador Martínez de Alva

Página 4

  • Intrepid Students Trek To Jungles Of Tabasco
  • Traveling Alumna, Dolly Deady, Nostalgic for MCC

Pies de foto

  • In a thatched hut in the tropics MCC travelers were welcomed, housed, and fed by an old Indian woman who gave them juicy blue-claw crabs for breakfast.

Página 5

  • Godfrey Laughs At Life
  • Seeing-Eye Dog On Campus
  • Artist Dunham Interested In Mexican Mural Progress
  • Typing Champion Turns To Modeling
  • Former Pianist In New MCC Play

Pies de foto

  • A terror with a typewriter, MCC student Eleanor Wilson proves her versatility by posing at College Art Colege. Doing the brush-work is Margie Howe.

Página 6

  • Student Orientation Emphasizes Education
  • Club Hacienda Offers Free Recreation

Pies de foto

  • Descending the stairs after an orientation meeting held in the Little Theatre are some of the 150 new students to enroll at MCC this quarter.
  • Four of the five entrants in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference contests for the year are, left to right, Donald Demarest, author of At Home Abroad, the column entry; Bob Tulp, writer of the editorial entry and editor of The Collegian; John Paddock, whose work was entered in the feature and in the news story contests; and Frank Alban, sports editor whose football game report was entered. The fifth contestant, The Collegian, has been entered in the contest for all round excellence in college publications.
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