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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. V, No 15.

México, D. F.

jueves 21 de agosto, 1952

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Página 1

  • MCC Matadors Star In Saturday Corrida
  • Irish Comedy Plays At MCC Little Theatre
  • Johnston, Conklin, Giffords To Fight
  • Add New Courses To Foreing Trade
  • Myrtle Tanner Exemplifies Good Neighbor Policies

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Dallas Beauties, at MCC for the summer. Left, top to bottom, Carol Luce, Addie Lee Burroughs, Ann Quillen, Joan Hassell; right, top to bottom, Shirley Jones, Jeanne Davis, Priscilla Vermooten; sitting, left to right, Linda Hancock and Frances Ann Burke. (Story on page 6).
  • Foto 2: Myrtle Tanner

Página 2

  • "...And Departing, Leave Behind Us..."
  • Bad Cess To Ye
  • At Home... Abroad
  • Guest At Luncheon Given By Gual Vidal

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: By Dean Paul V. Murray

Página 3

  • Children's Books Course Proves Vital Contribution
  • New Policy Adopted By Writing Center
  • MCC Alumni Organize In Big L. A. Celebration
  • So-Called Student Writers Get Professional Size Checks
  • Fencers Learn All The Tricks

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Around a display table in the children's books course are Alicia Coria, British Council Library; Laura M. de Piña, American Book Store; Aurora Labastida, Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin; Amparo Arteaga, Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin; Wilma Ebergenyi B., American Book Store; and Professor Noris McClellan.
  • Foto 2: Playing Hamlet, or something, are (left to right) Remy Bastion, Michael Fody, and Merle Wachter.
  • Foto 3: Admiring the under water murals at the Lerma Pumping Station are Mary Lou Proctor of Belton, Texas, Bill Rambo and Mrs. Marie H. Spence and Jamie Spence of Temple, Texas, and Maxine Schuetze of Burlington, Texas. Mrs. Spence is the winner of an MCC scholarship, and the others are all attending the summer session on Good Neighbor awards.

Página 4

  • At Home Abroad
  • Council Member Finds Vacation Hideway
  • Numerous MCC Masters Studying for Ph. D. Degrees
  • Saturday Corrida...
  • Irish Comedy...

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1:Dead Man Returns!! Left to right: David Reed, Jimmy Plummer, Gerald Leahy, Kenneth Long, Marilyn Gorman, Patsy VonWeberer, Richard Batcher, Paule Forcella, Patricia Crowley, Elsa Weber, and Jules Klebanoff in lively scene from Studio Stages'. 'The Playboy of the Western World'. The Irish comedy will play at the College Theatre each night through Saturday, August 23, at 8:30 (Photo by Sidel)
  • Foto 2: Photographed outside Chapultepec Castle are Selma Quateman of Chicago, John La Prade, an MCC scholarship winner from Brownwood, Texas, Ted Carmack of San Antonio, Mrs. Coralea Shaw and Hazel Simons of Dallas, both attending MCC on scholarships donated to the Good Neighbor Commission of Texas.

Página 5

  • Tragic Beauty Of a Bullfight

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: The Price A Matador's Glory. Humberto Moro being tosed on the horns and gored. These severe wounds are called cornadas, and sooner or later every matador gets his.
  • Foto 2: The domination of matador over bull, kneeling is Carlos Arruza, Mexican maestro. A second later el toro charged, and was led by with a beautiful muleta pass.
  • Foto 3: Here is Rafael Rodríguez executing a nice cape pass while being caught by the bull's horn. Rodríguez is a matador who keeps the crowds gasping wih his close work.
  • Foto 4: The First Pass Of A Faena (series of passes blended by constant movement of bull). Notice the three pairs of well-placed banderillas sticking out of the bull's neck.

Página 6

  • Mermaid Twins In English Class
  • Private Detectives Become Sociologists
  • From Congo Land To Mambo Land
  • Ex - Army Secretary Plans to Chronicle
  • Dallas Co-eds Study Spanish, Tour Mexico
  • Ski Instructor From Switzerland

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: By Frank Alaniz
  • Foto 2: By Phyllis Bowen
  • Foto 3: Henry Shute

Página 7

  • He Knew Stevenson When —
  • South Of Green Hell ... North of Land of Fire
  • Adding Machine Music Vies With High Jive

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: By Dick Owens
  • Foto 2: Studens visiting MCC for the summer from Georgetown School of Foreing Service (top to bottom, left) Mrs. Thomas Crooket, Mr. Thomas Crooket, Wm. Francis Hart, Donald Haddard, Lydia Weher, Jimen Balcazar (right) Harold Payer, Manuel Pérez Alonso, sponsor, Francis Kerner, Robert Bria nFox, David Harrison, Ted Carmack.
  • Foto 3: A cross section of Arizona students shown are from Phoenix, Seligman, and Tucson. (Left to right) Joseph J Murphy, accounting major studying Spanish here, Tucson: Don W. Grady, also working for Spanish credit, Tucson; Marian M. Hale, a Spanish student, Tucson; Irma A. Urrea, an education major taking electives, Tucson; Clydella E. Miller, a speech-drama major taking Spanish, Seligman; Mary B. Sargeant, taking advanced painting, Phoenix; and Lorna A. Grady, taking Mexican history, Tucson, Not present are Katherine Evans, Marie J. Costick, Spencer J. Giffords, and Mary Ellen Troutman of Douglas, Tucson, and Phoenix respectively.

Página 8

  • New Coach Heads Azteca Gridders
  • Marvin Gray, Outstanding Player Of Last Year's Eleven, Selected For Tough Football Assignment
  • From Where I Sit...
  • Bowling Teams Finishing Strong

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Coach Marvin Gray, recently chosen by Dean Paul V. Murray to direct the Mexico City College football team, is shown here as he will appear to his chargers on the gridiron. Gray was successful in his first coaching assignment, wining the Liga Intermedia championship with the Club Parras team. This will be his first attempt at coaching in the Liga Mayor, which is the top division in Mexican football.
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