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Mexico City Collegian - Official Student Publication of Mexico City College

Vol. IV, No 7.

México, D. F.

jueves 15 de febrero, 1951

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  • Psych Service Center Started
  • Registration To Begin On Feb. 19
  • Native Villages Will Be Visited
  • Art Discussion On Air Tonight
  • Teotihuacan Tour To Famed Pyramids
  • New Magazine Out Next Week
  • Student Dance This Saturday
  • Twenty Seven To Make Speeches

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Two prominent educators visit MCC. Dr. Elwood C. Kastner, president of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and also registrar of New York Univeristy and Capt. Henry V. McCown, registrar of the University of Texas, pay a visit to Mexico and MCC.

    They are shown in the patio with the college administrative officers (left to right) Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, Dr. Elwood C. Kastner, Dr. Henry L. Cain, Capt. Henry V. McCown, Dean Elizabeth Thomas López, Dean Paul V. Murray and Dean A. W. Bork

    The two distinguished educators are here for this week. Beside visiting MCC they intend to take in a few of the other attractions in Mexico during their short stay.

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  • Prof. Bosch Garcia Readies Two New Books For The Press
  • Mrs. Carty Asks Aid Of Women¿
  • "Cuadernos Americanos" Publishes Article By Grad Student Zatz

Página 3

  • MCC Students Take Part la Mosqueta Street Playhouse Production
  • "Brodway" Actors Outstanding
  • Couple In Art Dept. Inspired By Haiti
  • Bookstore Manager Answers Various Student Complaints
  • Mccers Go To Gay Veracruz Carnival

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1:Jon W. Brille, founder and director of the Mosqueta Street Playhouse, has attended Mexico City College off and on since 1947. He is back again this quarter working towards a Master's in History.
  • Foto 2: Lupe P. De Brille, a student at MCC majoring in Philosophy and Spanish is assuming the responsability of prompter for the Mosqueta Street Playhouse's production.
  • Foto 3: Dick Jeffers, a transfer student from the University of Michigan now studying at MCC, plays the part of The Gentleman Caller (Jim) in THE GLASS MENAGERIE now running at the Mosqueta Playhouse at Mosqueta 13.
  • Foto 4: William R. Meagher, a transfer student from the University of California, came to Mexico for cultural and vocational reasons and is now studying at MCC. He is undestudying the role of The Gentleman Caller (Jim).
  • Foto 5: Robert Fox, a local boy and graduate of the American High School, now attending MCC, outstanding for his performance on the football field, is now working with the Mosqueta Street Playhouse in charge of the house.

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  • Antrhopology Dept.

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Pies de foto

  • Fotos 1 y 2: —The pyramid of Tenayuca in the Valley of Mexico.
  • Foto 3: —The pyramid of Teopanzoleo is 50 miles outside of Mexico City.
  • Foto 4: —Don Kimmel and Leon Abhrams sitting on the steps of the rions of Malinalco [...]
  • Foto 5: —The temple of Tepozteco [...]
  • Fotos 6 y 7: —Skeletons found in an excavation made by Duffy Rogers, Frank Moore, and Arthur Parker under the direction of John Custer, MCC students.
  • Foto 8: —Of the 30 vessels undercovered, ten like the one shown, contained the ashes of important persons.
  • Foto 9: —The fellow in the hole is Duffy Rofers who came to Mexico City for a two-week's vacation two years ago and has been here ever since.
  • Foto 11: —Arthur Parker and John Custer comparing deformation on pre-Hispanic skulls.
  • Foto 12: —James Forster has the shuttle od a primitive loom in his hand.
  • Fotos 13,14 y 15: —Photographs taken at the annual masquearade of the Anthropology Department.
  • Fotos 16 y 19: —Chamula Indians living in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico are one of the most primitive groups.
  • Foto 17: —Frederick Peterson, active anthropology student at MCC is cultivating the friendship of a little boy of the Lacandone tribe.
  • Foto 18: —A figurine of the type called Mujer Bonita (or Beautiful Lady) was found by Edwin Johnson [...]
  • Foto 20: —The Lacandones are a very handsome people with fine aristocratic features.

Página 6

  • Personalities On The Campus

Página 7

  • On The Lam By E. V. Drooling
  • Grad Student James P. Carter Is Appointed To Library Staff
  • Asides From The Roving Reporter
  • Craft With Chevrolet
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