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Mexico City Collegian ¡Hasta la Vista!

Vol. II, No 10.

México, D. F.

lunes 15 de agosto, 1949

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Página 1

  • Art Exhibit At Del Prado
  • Add Profs To Econ Staff
  • Will Present Paper In N.Y.
  • Despedida Set For Friday
  • Give Graduate Status To Geography Dept.
  • MCC Program Goes On Air

Pies de foto

  • Frank Savage
  • María Barquin
  • F. Horcasitas
  • Theatre-in-the-round, seen for the first time in Mexico, was utilized by Studio Stages for its initial presentation at the Bugambilia Club. This method of dramatic presentation, where the audience surrounds the playing area of the actors, was found to be an ideal form for the four Tennessee Williams one-act plays comprising the premiere of MCC's new theatre group. The above scene is from Williams' verse play, The Purification.

Página 2

  • Notes From All Over
  • Persiflage

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Impressive Ceremony Seen In Simple Burial Of The Poor
  • List August Graduates
  • To Discuss Drama At Stanford Univ.

Pies de foto

  • Left to right: Frank Kalmback, Sylvia Goosic, George Goosic and Melvin Eubanks.

Página 4

  • Local Boy Makes Good
  • Why They're Not Leaving Mexico
  • Bastien To Attend Meeting In U.S.
  • Fernandez Gives Art Analysis
  • Getting Along With Latin Men

Pies de foto

  • As the derelict writer in "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion" Parks Klumpp did some of the best acting in Studio Stages' plays.
  • A tense moment in The Purification. Left to right are Earl Sennett, the son; Abel France, the Father; Cleo Terrazas, the Mother; Ed Torrance, the Judge; Titina Misrachi, Louisa, and Ralph Sanchez, the Rancher.
  • Sylvia Stockdale, a Yale dramatics student studying at MCC this summer, thrilled many with her inspired portrayal of Lucretia Collins in Portrait Of A Madonna.

Página 5

  • Educators Win World Fame
  • Varied Achievements Indicate Successes Of Student Senate
  • Alumni Stage Thurber Play
  • From Germany To MCC Staff
  • Theater In The Round Reveals Local Talent

Pies de foto

  • This Propoerty Is Condemned was the first play on the Tennessee Williams bill with which Studio Stages began its career. Above we see John Delvalle and Marcella Vick in this play which had its setting on "the other side of the railroad tracks."

Página 6

  • Softball Round-Up
  • Aztecas Play In Hockey League
  • Swimming Team Is Small But Mighty
  • Studies Forestry Here On U.S. Scholarship
  • Campus Clubs Show Variety Of Interests
  • Fernandez, Noted Critic, Famed Authority On Orozco

Pies de foto

  • Constance Bourchier as the Impoverished woman living in a land of dreams and Dolly Deady as the irate landlady who demands her rent. In "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion."
  • The Latin American Society's "Summer Final" dance saw lots of smooth dancing, soft lights, and rhythm.

Página 7

  • Pundit Pepinazo Lands In International News Magazine
  • European Artist Studies Famous Mexican Churches
  • Visiting U.S. Professors Find Mexico Interesting

Pies de foto

  • Latin American Society Tour.
  • Raymond Pelissier, Donald Riley, and Joseph Axelrod chatting between classes in the patio.

Página 8

  • Businessman Imparts Practical Advice
  • Coffing Coins Copy, And Coiny Baby, Too
  • Library Service News
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