Tesis profesional presentada por Carlos Gabriel Hinojosa Brigham

Licenciatura en Relaciones Internacionales. Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales e Historia. Escuela de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

Jurado Calificador

Presidente: Dr. José Luis García Aguilar
Vocal y Director: Dr. Marco Aurelio Fernando Carlos Almazán St. Hill
Secretario: Mtro. Antonio Lara Téllez

Cholula, Puebla, México a 13 de mayo de 2005.


A changing international context which involves the birth of new actors and the rooting of ideologies has strongly modified the conditions under which the main traditional actor of international relations functions and is structured. It is becoming increasingly difficult to legitimize the actions and justify the existence of the modern State in its current form within a globalized context that tends to emphasize the supranational over the national and plurality over unity in society.

This phenomenon poses a...

Resumen (archivo pdf, 9 kb).

Índice de contenido

Dedicatorias (archivo pdf, 9 kb)

Introduction (archivo pdf, 26 kb)

Capítulo 1. Local Government: from the creation of the cabildo to the modern day Ayuntamiento (archivo pdf, 65 kb)

  • 1.1 Colonial government and the creation of the cabildo
  • 1.2 The Bourbon Reforms
  • 1.3 The Constitution of Cadiz
  • 1.4 The post-independence period
  • 1.5 Federalism
  • 1.6 The Reform period
  • 1.7 The outcome of the Revoluion
  • 1.8 Local government during the twentieth century
  • 1.9 Local government and decentralization in the last two decades

Capítulo 2. Decentralization: the first step needed to be taken towards strengthening local government (archivo pdf, 57 kb)

  • 2.1 The definition of decentralization and the type of decentralization needed in Mexico
  • 2.2 Decentralization and the Reform of the State in Mexico
  • 2.3 Decentralization and development
  • 2.4 Decentralization and democracy
  • 2.5 The challenges facing decentralization

Capítulo 3. Strengthening local government in Mexico (archivo pdf, 54 kb)

  • 3.1 The advantages of ´the local´
  • 3.2 Local governments and the creation and implementation of public policy
  • 3.3 Mexican local government
  • 3.4 Innovation in Mexican local governance

Capítulo 4. Conclusion (archivo pdf, 38 kb)

Referencias (archivo pdf, 17 kb)

Appendix I. Article 115 of the Mexican Constitution (archivo pdf, 91 kb)

Hinojosa Brigham, C. G. 2005. Decentralization and strengthening of local government in Mexico. Tesis Licenciatura. Relaciones Internacionales. Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales e Historia, Escuela de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Mayo. Derechos Reservados © 2005.