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  1. Mexico City Collegian julio 10, 1952 Vol. V, No 13. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Experts Give Lectures On Psychology of Mexicans | Robins, Olson Direct Writers | Award For MCC Grad.

    Pies de foto: Foto 1: Many Of The Bright new faces dotting the campus belong to this group from Vanderbilt and Peabody Colleges in Nashville. Left to right seated are Betty Currie, Nancy Dougherty, Martha Crowe, Na...

  2. Mexico City Collegian julio 24, 1952 Vol. V, No 14. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: MCCers Include Students From Maine to California | Good Neighbors Give Scholarships For Summer Study | Student Council Opens New Lounge, Plans New Service, Seeks Hits.

    Pies de foto: Foto 1: Some of the Notre Dame students here for the Summer Quarter are (clockwise) Sam Overton, Paul Moylan (sponsor), Brother John Snoddy, Brother Harold Naudet. Jerome Carter, William Missimer and ...

  3. Mexico City Collegian agosto 21, 1952 Vol. V, No 15. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: MCC Matadors Star In Saturday Corrida | Irish Comedy Plays At MCC Little Theatre | Johnston, Conklin, Giffords To Fight.

    Pies de foto: Foto 1: Dallas Beauties, at MCC for the summer. Left, top to bottom, Carol Luce, Addie Lee Burroughs, Ann Quillen, Joan Hassell; right, top to bottom, Shirley Jones, Jeanne Davis, Priscilla Vermooten;...