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  1. Mexico City Collegian octubre 11, 1949 Vol. III, No 1.

    Encabezados: Registration Makes History | Aztecas Win Over Soldados 31-6.

    Pies de foto: Football with all the trimmings. Setting a precedent as the first cheerleading squad to rah-rah the team to victory, in the usual order, demonstrating one of the cheers are: Lulu Gould, Ruth Baker, Ra...

  2. Mexico City Collegian octubre 27, 1949 Vol. III, No 2. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: 37 Candidates Seek B.A.'s | Aztecas Upset Pumas In Surprise Comeback.

    Pies de foto: Art instructor Merle Wachter explains an important point to a life class.

  3. Mexico City Collegian noviembre 16, 1949 Vol. III, No 3. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: New Student Senate Reveals Program | Daisy Maes To Chase Li'l Abners On Nov. 18.

    Pies de foto: Back row: Tom Riste, James Hardison, Frank Hyde. Center row: Miss Eleanor Carroll, Cleo Terrazas, Pat Jacobs, Pat Pease, S.E. Watson, Justin McKeever. Front row: Jim Smithers, Sal Zavala, Red Mulligan...

  4. Mexico City Collegian diciembre 8, 1949 Vol. III, No 4. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Spanish To Be Separate Dept. | New Department To be Lauched Next Term.

    Pies de foto: James Gibson selected to play the coveted role of Feste, the clown, in the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" which openes at the Teatro Aguileon on Dec. 5.

  5. Mexico City Collegian enero 18, 1950 Vol. III, No 4. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Big Enrollment Brings Changes | Prominent Educators Visit Local Campus | Dr. Stafford Placed On Cultural Commission.

    Pies de foto: Young, attractive and -- bright! Here on scholarships with the Ohio State Group, Marilyn Ritchie, at left, is utilizing the Mexico - Ohio Scholarship given by the Ohio "Winter In Mexico Club". At the ...

  6. Mexico City Collegian febrero 1, 1950 Vol. III, No 6. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Witty Remarks Characterize Student Assembly Speeches | Visiting Registrars Make Survey Of College.

    Pies de foto: The student body of MCC turned out en masse for the student assembly held at the Ritz theater on January 19. Dr. Cain, President of the college, Dr. Tharp of Ohio State, and Ricardo Camargo, business ...

  7. Mexico City Collegian - Alumni Edition febrero 15, 1950 Vol. III, No 7. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: "Murder In Cathedral" Opens On Wednesday.

    Pies de foto: Earl Sennett, Director.

  8. Mexico City Collegian marzo 3, 1950 Vol. III, No 8. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: College Matadors Face Bulls Tomorrow | Pay Homage To Masaryk | Four Gringos Try Luck At Rancho Del Charro.

    Pies de foto: "Joselito" González, novillero who has been training the MCC bullfighters is wishing "Duffy" Rogers good luck when he enters the ring to kill his bull at the Charro Festival tomorrow.

  9. Mexico City Collegian abril 17, 1950 Vol. III, No 9. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Director Of Admissions Leaves For Convention | Registration Breaks Previous Spring Record.

    Pies de foto: Dr. Vaclav Laska, right, ex-minister to Mexico from Czechoslovakia, speaking at the Masaryk's celebration. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Philip Raine, wife of the Cultural Attache of the American Embass...

  10. Mexico City Collegian abril 20, 1950 Vol. III, No 10. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Lectures At Princeton | MCC Given Affiliation With Texas Association.

    Pies de foto: Dr. O'Gorman.

  11. Mexico City Collegian abril 28, 1950 Vol. III, No 11. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Dr. Bork To Be Dean Of Men | Choose Play For Next Dramatic Production.

    Pies de foto: Dr. Albert Bork.

  12. Mexico City Collegian mayo 11, 1950 Vol. III, No 12. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Set Up Workshop For Teachers From Texas | Graduation Ceremony Announced For June 9.

    Pies de foto: Shown in the China Poblana costume that she won recently in a raffle is Madelin Cooke, graduate student and instructor of English and Latin. This is the dress that was worn by the MCC queen at the "gr...

  13. Mexico City Collegian mayo 19, 1950 Vol. III, No 13. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Noted Scholars Make Up Anthro Department | Veterans Given Full Details Of Study Law.

    Pies de foto: Rosaura Revueltas.

  14. Mexico City Collegian - Alumni Edition junio 1, 1950 Vol. III, No 14. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: MCC Artists Hold Exhibit | Innovations Will Greet New Summer Students.

    Pies de foto: Merie Wachter with three ceramic pieces which he will exhibit in the "Four G.I. Painters"show.

  15. Mexico City Collegian junio 30, 1950 Vol. III, No 15. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Officials Will Visit Campus | Fourth Of July Picnic Set For Tomorrow.

    Pies de foto: A group of inquisitive students cluster about the information desk where Alda Zannoni and Patsy Adam are giving out all the answers. At the moment the photographer snapped the scene, he happened to ca...

  16. Mexico City Collegian julio 13, 1950 Vol. III, No 16. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Cain Returns From Europe | Distinguished Officials Make Inspection Tour.

    Pies de foto: Dr. J. M. Godard, executive secretary of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Institutions of Higher Education (right), chatting with Registrar Mildred Allen and Dr. Albert Bork ...

  17. Mexico City Collegian julio 27, 1950 Vol. III, No 17. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Annual Art Show Set To Open At Reforma | Discipline Committee Recently Organized.

    Pies de foto: The 1000th student to register at MCC this summer is Flora Elizabeth Stafford pretty co-ed from SMU, Dallas, Texas.

  18. Mexico City Collegian agosto 10, 1950 Vol. III, No 18. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Famous Artists Choose Entries For Exhibition | "Madwoman Of Chaillot" Opens Next Tuesday.

    Pies de foto: Gloria Sokol - Constance. "Who me? Why, I'm as sane as...?".

  19. Mexico City Collegian agosto 18, 1950 Vol. III, No 19. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Council Meetings Open To Entire Student Body | Exhibition Is Big Hit; Attracts Art Notables.

    Pies de foto: The eminent judges for the Art Show pose with Merle Wachter, director of the Applied Arts Department of the College. Left to right; Mr. Wachter; Margarita Nelkin, noted critic; Jorge Palomino, critic;...