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  1. Mexico City Collegian - Graduation Extra marzo 11, 1949 Vol. II, No 3. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: New Attache For Vets Affairs | SO. ASSN. Members To Visit MCC | Winter Quarter Graduates 16 They Plan For The Future.

    Pies de foto: Morris Dondick, Eugene Bonfiglio, John Coker, William Wilkie, Efrain Zimrot, Mildred Howard, Doris Barr.

  2. Mexico City Collegian abril 11, 1949 Vol. II, No 3. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: MCC May Have Chance To Join S. Association | All States Represented In Quarter's Enrollment.

    Pies de foto: N. R. Patterson.

  3. Mexico City Collegian abril 27, 1949 Vol. II, No 4. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Seniors Set Prom For Friday May 13 | Seventy Four Candidates For Degrees In June.

    Pies de foto: The Student Senate meets weekly in the patio at 2 p.m. on Thursdays when students may present problems at open sessions, Senate members, reading from left to right, are: Freshmen Representatives Jim S...

  4. Mexico City Collegian mayo 11, 1949 Vol. II, No 5. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Registrar, Spanish Dept. Head At Ohio Meetings | Well Known Educators Increase Faculty Staff.

    Pies de foto: John Davis Engman.

  5. Mexico City Collegian - Special Summer Edition mayo 23, 1949 Vol. II, No 6A. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: College Pres. And Vice Pres. Welcome Summer Students.

    Pies de foto: Dean Paul V. Murray.

  6. Mexico City Collegian mayo 25, 1949 Vol. II, No 6. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Expect Seven Hundred For Summer Quarter | Dr. Lewis Hanke To Give Commencement Address | Dr. Lasks, Former Chechoslovakian Diplomat, Offers Course In International Relations.

    Pies de foto: Hale, Rosalee, Span. Mexico, D.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, MCC. | Lifshitz, Martin, Hist. Brooklyn, N.Y. 1, 2, Brooklyn College, 3, 4, MCC (History Teacher)...

  7. Mexico City Collegian junio 30, 1949 Vol. II, No 7. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: College Directors Talk At Student Assembly | Enrollment For Summer Session Reaches 737.

    Pies de foto: Donald Smith.

  8. Mexico City Collegian julio 15, 1949 Vol. II, No 8. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Diplomacy Department Scheduled For Fall.

    Pies de foto: A few of the rollicking hundreds who celebrated at the University Club Friday evening.

  9. Mexico City Collegian julio 27, 1949 Vol. II, No 9. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Grad School Students From 95 Universities | Studio Stages Premiere At Bugambilia Club.

    Pies de foto: Bill Wakely, who forfeited a Hollywood contract to accept an invitation from the U.S. Armed Forces, will play the role of the Porter in Portrait Of A Madonna.

  10. Mexico City Collegian ¡Hasta la Vista! agosto 15, 1949 Vol. II, No 10. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Art Exhibit At Del Prado | Give Graduate Status To Geography Dept..

    Pies de foto: Frank Savage.

  11. Mexico City Collegian octubre 11, 1949 Vol. III, No 1.

    Encabezados: Registration Makes History | Aztecas Win Over Soldados 31-6.

    Pies de foto: Football with all the trimmings. Setting a precedent as the first cheerleading squad to rah-rah the team to victory, in the usual order, demonstrating one of the cheers are: Lulu Gould, Ruth Baker, Ra...

  12. Mexico City Collegian octubre 27, 1949 Vol. III, No 2. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: 37 Candidates Seek B.A.'s | Aztecas Upset Pumas In Surprise Comeback.

    Pies de foto: Art instructor Merle Wachter explains an important point to a life class.

  13. Mexico City Collegian noviembre 16, 1949 Vol. III, No 3. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: New Student Senate Reveals Program | Daisy Maes To Chase Li'l Abners On Nov. 18.

    Pies de foto: Back row: Tom Riste, James Hardison, Frank Hyde. Center row: Miss Eleanor Carroll, Cleo Terrazas, Pat Jacobs, Pat Pease, S.E. Watson, Justin McKeever. Front row: Jim Smithers, Sal Zavala, Red Mulligan...

  14. Mexico City Collegian diciembre 8, 1949 Vol. III, No 4. México, D. F.

    Encabezados: Spanish To Be Separate Dept. | New Department To be Lauched Next Term.

    Pies de foto: James Gibson selected to play the coveted role of Feste, the clown, in the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" which openes at the Teatro Aguileon on Dec. 5.