Tesis profesional presentada por Paulina Itzel Rivera Fuentes

Miembro del Programa de Honores. Licenciatura en Física. Departamento de Actuaría, Física y Matemáticas. Escuela de Ciencias, Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

Jurado Calificador

Presidente: Dra. Melina Gómez Bock
Vocal y Director: Dr. Victor Andreevich Vysloukh Enisova
Secretario: Dr. Martin Hentschinski

Cholula, Puebla, México a 10 de diciembre de 2019.


In this work, the aerodynamic lift coefficient and the pressure distribution are obtained for an airfoil in subsonic and incompressible flow. Two different methods are pursued: the numerical method, by using the fluid dynamics software called ANSYS Fluent, and the experimental method, using an air flow bench. Additionally, the Bernoulli equation is evaluated in a convergent-divergent passage using the same air flow bench. The behavior of flow is also characterized by the Mach number and the Reynolds number. The tested airfoil is a symmetrical one. The lift coefficient plot with respect to the angle of attack is presented for each of the methods, with its corresponding slope. A range of angles between 0° and 10° is considered. The pressure profiles are presented for each angle, and a comparison between results from the different methods is carried out. Only a qualitative comparison is viable. The conclusions summarize the results for each method. The comparison indicates a general agreement in the behavior of air flow, and the two slopes for the lift coefficient curve display an appropriate behavior.

Palabras clave: aerodynamics, airfoil, subsonic, wind tunnel.

Rivera Fuentes, P. I. 2019. Aerodynamics of an Airfoil in Subsonic Flow in a Wind Tunnel. Tesis Licenciatura. Física. Departamento de Actuaría, Física y Matemáticas, Escuela de Ciencias, Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Diciembre. Derechos Reservados © 2019.


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