Proyecto Final presentado por Jaqueline Sofía Mc Namara Trujillo []

Miembro del Programa de Honores. Licenciatura en Arquitectura. Departamento de Arquitectura. Escuela de Artes y Humanidades, Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

Jurado Calificador

Presidente: Dr. Eduardo Gutiérrez Juárez
Vocal y Director: Dr. Edwin González Meza
Secretario: Mtro. Sergio Arturo Castro Medina
Vocal y Co-directora: Dra. Doris Abigail Chi Pool

Cholula, Puebla, México a 16 de mayo de 2022.


The UDLAP is a university characterized by its cultural programs. One of the projects taken to future development inside the campus is a cultural complex where one of the spaces would be a Blackbox theater. This performance spaces are flexible and adaptative according to the needs of each artistical experience it might be inside. A place with these characteristics should be solved with technological tools that can have the same adaptability. This thesis will develop a proposal for the Blackbox theater using a computational design process, applying tools like Grasshopper for Rhinoceros and other plugins, and Rhino inside Revit. The solution will explore the advantages of applying a computational design process using BIM and visual script tools to give a complex multidimensional solution to a flexible space. The proposal will be tested acoustically and by fluxes, so the pertinent actions can be taken to improve the project. A structural test is also applied to the skin of the project, a complex geometry reflection of the tools used in the design process. Finally, the result will be shown using the practical tools of visualization of Revit and Enscape to render the model in real time.

Key words: Blackbox theater, computational design, transformable spaces, Rhino inside Revit.

Palabras clave: Blackbox theater, computational design, transformable spaces, Rhino inside Revit.

Table of content



Capítulo 1. Introduction

Capítulo 2. Justification

Capítulo 3. General Objective

Capítulo 4. Specific Objectives

Capítulo 5. Theorical Framework

  • 5.1 Transformable Spaces For Art
  • 5.2 Computational Design In Architecture
  • 5.3 Relevant Concepts For The Proposal Design
  • 5.4 State Of Art: Black Box Theaters 34

Capítulo 6. Methodology

  • 6.1 The Workflow
  • 6.2 The Definition

Capítulo 7. Design Process

  • 7.1 Site And Context
  • 7.2 Plan, Section, And Volume
  • 7.3 BBT Inside Decisions
  • 7.4 Outside Design
  • 7.5 Analysis And Optimization
  • 7.6 Final Proposal

Capítulo 8. Conclusions


Mc Namara Trujillo, J. S. 2022. Flexibility through complexity: Black Box Theater solution using computational design for the UDLAP community. Proyecto Final Licenciatura. Arquitectura. Departamento de Arquitectura, Escuela de Artes y Humanidades, Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Mayo. Derechos Reservados © 2022.