Artículo Científico presentado por Belén Meneses Ramos []

Miembro del Programa de Honores. Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas. Departamento de Administración de Empresas. Escuela de Negocios y Economía, Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

Jurado Calificador

Director: Dr. Felipe Machorro Ramos
Presidente: Mtra. María Isabel Huerta Carvajal
Secretario: Dr. Francisco Gabriel Rodríguez González

Cholula, Puebla, México a 10 de diciembre de 2019.


Entrepreneurship Orientation (EO) is a topic of study that has been addressed over the years by an endless number of authors (G. Covin & J. Wales, The Measurement of entrepreneurial Orientation, 2012), each of whom contributed from a scale of measurement, as well as the exemplification of its variables (Kreiser, Anderson, Kuratko, Hornsby, & Eshima, 2014). Besides, in this paper we will make the Back Translation Process Research to the Entre U-­Scale from English to Spanish language and validate it with a factorial analysis, after applied to Latin America universities (Morales, Ladhari, Reynoso, Toro, & Sepulveda, 2011). At the same way, in this paper we will modified a scale applied in Spanish, in order to provide the the items with greater functionality for the applicable scale in Spanish depending on aspects obtained by the literature accepted to a greater extent by Latin American countries.

Keywords: entrepreneurship orientation, entre u scale, back translation proccess Research, entrepreneurship in Latin Amercia Universities.

Table of content



Capítulo 1. Introduction

Capítulo 2. Literature Review

  • 2.1 Historical Research
  • 2.2 Development and Structure the Entre U-­Scale
  • 2.3 Translation of Entre U Scale

Capítulo 3. Methodology

  • 3.1 Sample
  • 3.2 Development

Capítulo 4. Results

  • 4.1 The Cronbach Alpha Analysis
  • 4.2 Factorial
  • 4.3 The Matrix of Rotated Components
  • 4.4 Omega

Capítulo 5. Discussion and Conclusions

Capítulo 6. Limitations

  • 6.1 Delay in Obtaining Information


Meneses Ramos, B. 2019. Testing the Entre U-Scale at Universities in Latin America, and validating its back-Translation Process with Factorial Analysis. Artículo Científico Licenciatura. Administración de Empresas. Departamento de Administración de Empresas, Escuela de Negocios y Economía, Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Diciembre. Derechos Reservados © 2019.