Raymond and Whitcomb Company. (en New York.)
His Excellency General Porfirio Diaz, Prest U.S. of Mexico, Mexico City. (en Mexico)
Relaciones comerciales Americanos. Visitas. Inspecciones Raymond and Whitcomb Company

Your excellency for over twenty five years, Raymond and Whitcomb Company have been conducting special trains with parties of prominent American citizens through Mexico. We are goin to continue this practice for we believe in the Republic, but rumors of disturbed conditions are trombling our friends, in view of our long service for Mexico, may we respectfully ask for your personal assurance for our patrons that they may travel in comfort and security thus confirming, what we are declaring? a word from you personally would carry absolute conviction and pleasure to the thousands of American citizens with whom we come in contract. Your obedient and faithful servant.Abarca folios, 4465, 4466 y 4467.

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